That is beyond…Murdocks London! A place with style and personality.

That is beyond… Murdocks London! A place with style and personality.

For Christmas I received a gift of a traditional wet shave at murdocklondon. I had never been there before and was more than happy to utilise the voucher for a little day of relaxation! (It really is THE life!) So on Thursday I made my way to my 11.30 appointment at their flagship branch off of seven dials ( I believe they have six stores currently)

On entering the building, you are hit with a level of cool that I couldn’t muster within myself in a month of Sundays. ( and I mean cool in an old skool way, not cool as in annoyingly trendy.) This is how I imagine my batcave (were I batman! Which I am not by the way!) it reeks of quality and even better than that, the gents that run this establishment offer the best service and polite (and unobtrusive) conversation that I have ever experienced. There is no ” isn’t’ the weather terrible” “you been anywhere nice recently”. A proper conversation was had. I have mentioned before, that I absolutely detest hairdressers chair conversations, quite often I take a vow of silence! But this place was different, it’s probably akin to having a shave down the pub with your mates (a pastime that I hold in the highest esteem!)

The range of products Is on point, there is a large selection of key products which are all manly and with no frills attached. You have traditional shaving products, haircare and candles, as well as a great selection of aftershaves which without exception smell amazing and gentlemanly. With love day coming up this is the one stop gentleman’s shop, and I can guarantee that they won’t be disappointed.

Shaving me, was Ryan, who is without a doubt a very cool guy with a great personal style. He bantered with me, in a professional way, and as I showed an interest, talked me through what he was doing and why. It was such a relaxed environment ( tbh I would happily sit there all day and have a chat).

Ryan did a great shave , smooth as a baby’s bottom and also provided me with some great tips for how to shave my specific face, and a few dos and donts of skincare too. Maybe I am showing my age but I (just about) remember the days when the barber shop was a place of education, where the men in your family would bond at the barbershop, it’s well documented that most picked up their condoms from the barbers (a tradition that is kept alive in burdocks as well) it has a great atmosphere and there is no hard line sell on the products, although after Ryan had finished I wanted to buy everything. These guys are artists and I appreciate that creative environment.

What do I want for valentines day… Another date at murdock’s London (so to speak!) I left feeling 10 times better than I did going in, and included in the price is that I left feeling just a little bit cooler!

There are packages and products available online.

The traditional Murdock wet shave is £45 
The luxury Murdock wet shave is £55

So get on to to book an appointment or to browse their range of luxury products.

And to the gentlemen of Murdocks London (if you are reading this) … I will be back!

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