That is beyond … Ted’s grooming room

Let me tell you about my visit to Ted’s grooming room, newly opened in Covent Garden.

Having won a twitter competition, I was invited to sample the new store over their opening weekend – and today was the day.

Let me preface this post by saying that I have sampled one product from the Ted Baker Grooming range (the ted’s grooming room face scrub) and it is a really good, not too astringent scrub with fine particles that really scrub the dead skin away. Already knowing that I liked this product, I was excited to see what Ted’s grooming room had to offer!

There is a modern yet classic vibe to the grooming room, it not fussy, but there is plenty to keep you interested. It sounds like an odd comment, but it’s actually really important when you are in a room for 45 minutes or more, that there is enough to look at! There is definitely a sense of humour in the wall paper with straight razors and combs weaved into the design, and tv screens showing the TB fashion range on the runway and products too.

It really is THE life! I commend any business that combines barbering and slick cocktails in one foul swoop! It is a manly and efficient space that has a lot of hustle and bustle and also camaraderie. On arrival, the space was in the throes of the lunchtime rush, I was greeted with smile and a cocktail menu and offered a seat.

What struck me whilst enjoying my cocktail was that this is a creative space, this was not just a barbers where men go to get their haircut but there is a focus on the social side of the experience too. I had a full Ted and my treatment was performed by Alex, who was far too cool for school! And really and excellent barber. In the speedy efficiency of the grooming room you could be forgiven for thinking that the treatments would be rushed. But not here, I was treated like a king and each stage of the treatment was given the time that it deserved.

The full Ted is a hot towel shave, and haircut and a few other treatments that overhaul your look (I was a tiny bit shocked when a giant on fire Cotten bud was used to rid my ears of excess hairs) and my eyebrows were threaded! All of this was delivered with some humour and some banter – a thoroughly enjoyable experience (and on the whole I am not a huge fan of getting my haircut!)

The product range is distinct, and a good all round range that covers the various stages of skincare. It’s simple to follow, with its 1 2 3 4 steps to follow, and I have to say that I enjoyed the fragrances which were a variation on the same fresh theme. These are quality products that are reasonably priced enough to be able to use them at home and incorporate them into your own routine.

The Full Ted treatment is £42.50 and worth every penny. When you consider that I got a quality haircut within that price, you can’t really go wrong.

Why not make your way down to the grooming rooms yourself and feel like a Ted!

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