That is beyond… A man of many ties!

Any outfit you wear should bring you confidence. Whether that confidence is in the flattering fit, the comfort, or it’s individuality.

Let’s face it, the billions of pounds spent on underwear by men in this country, boils down to exactly those ideals. And their marketing campaigns are tailored to fit one of those niches.

I firmly believe there is a tie for any occasion, just as there is suitable underwear for every occasion! And almost all of my shirts have a tie or two to go with them! (As well as underwear!)

A neck accessory is a great addition to any outfit (or for any occasion – Christmas Day features one of a singing snowman variety whilst I slave over a hot stove!) A vintage tie and clip can completely transform a run of the mill suit into an enviable outfit. Some purists would say that there are rules, with regards to what is acceptable neck attire for any occasion. I say that the rules are there to be broken! I met a young Japanese guy named Steve through my work, who was casually dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, but then I noticed he was wearing a knitted bow tie, that was in the shape of an elephant! Absolutely brilliant, and what a way to stand out!

I love that an outfit that can be completely changed/ adapted for purpose, by the type of neck attire you choose to wear. There are so many varieties out there that there really is no reason who you shouldn’t own a couple!

Skinny ties, seem to have got a bit of a reputation for being casual, but accessorised with the right three piece suit and these look streamlined and formal. Preppy striped patterns work well with dress jeans and I think compliment a double breasted jacket really well. Same fabric ties were in a few seasons ago, and now I venture that a better suggestion would be to go a tone up or down from your shirt colour, it adds a bit of depth to the outfit and worn at the right length can be quite slimming too.

Ties, cravats, dress scarves, necklaces, dog tags, bow ties, cowboy style string neck thing (there must be an actual word for them!) I’ll take them all! I don’t want to be lost in the crowd. In formal wear there is no reason at all, why you can’t be at least a little different to everyone else, and rock a look which can ordinarily be quite uncomfortable to some men.

“Day to night” is one of those expressions that is used in female fashion… A lot. How can I wear this outfit to work, and then in to a club!!! Us guys have the simple solution- add a neck accessory and roll up the sleeves. Or don’t, it’s a easy as that! It’s not rocket science, but it is possible to get it wrong; a good tie length for most is an inch above the belt line ( off you wear one too long or short it can ruin an otherwise great outfit). Please do not tuck you tie into you trousers, it is all kinds of wrong.

My top tip for tie wearers, use a larger knot for work, you may just get away with an undone top button in the summer!



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