That is beyond… Fat hair!

That is beyond… Fat hair!

I have thin hair. There is no shame in this fact, it is just the way that I am. However, for many years I have been on a mission to get a lot more volume into it, so that I can rock more style in my cut.

Products help! I have tried waxes, putties, gels, sprays … The list goes on and on! These have all had various degrees of success and they have definitely developed the way I deal with my hair. But nothing has come close to the product that my wife and I recently picked up from boots!

“Fat Hair” is a brand that I have not encountered before. They were kind of hidden away on the shelf and were a bit unassuming if I am honest! They were away from the ‘normal’ shampoo section of the shop, and I will tell you why, because not only are they a thickening (or fattening) product, but they are also SLS free!

SLS or Sodium Laurel Sulphate, is how cosmetic products achieve foam… It is literally a foaming agent. The down side, however, is that this ingredient is really drying to your skin and on many peoples sensitive scalps, this can create a dry and sometimes sore, flaky scalp.

The lack of SLS is why this was hidden away but trust me, once I found it, I knew I would have to repurchase, and that was after only 2 washes!

I have used the shampoo and the conditioner, and I use them in conjunction with each other. I wanted to test the brand as much as I wanted to test the products themselves, and I have to say that they are both great. The far and away stand out product is the Shampoo though – it is so gentle on the scalp and despite the departure from those harmful SLS’s there is a certain amount of volume within the product itself. I have tried other SLS free products and this is by far and away the best one I have come across – most stay in the same form in your hair as they do in the tube, but fat hair really feels like it is working into the hair.

The results… Thicker feeling hair with more volume and shine than I probably could have wished for!

It’s packaged in red tubes (so easily a unisex product) and were on sale in Superdrug. Normally £5.49 per bottle, we picked them up for £2.77!

In Superdrug there was only a limited range, but the website reveals a much more comprehensive range that I cannot wait to get my hands on! And in the meantime I am enjoying my fatter hair!


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