Thatisbeyond…Adding to my daily routine!

Thatisbeyond… Adding to my daily routine!

Believe it or not, I think it’s really important that your skincare routine develops and changes with your life events. This may be a gradual development as new products come on the market, or it might be a short sharp change that is temporary for your circumstances right now.

Like many people I have a very busy life (I like to be that way) it’s how I roll! But recently it has gotten much busier with my preparations to the ever looming Stockholm Marathon, and the fact that I am organising a west end musical revue for charity.
This change in the number of hours that I am working, as well as the fact that I need to look when meeting and rehearsing with important and talented people, has called for drastic developments in my skincare routine.

There have been 2 key new factors to my routine and it has been really fun trying them out, because they are both products that I never thought I would need! There is some excitement to the discovery of a new product that WORKS and so I needed to share them with you guys!

Meet my new moisturiser… The L’oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturising Gel for Skin and Stubble. (It’s a bit of a mouthful!) I talk all the time about the importance that companies design specifically for men, and don’t just repackage an existing product in more manly packaging! This is a product I haven’t seen before and it is designed to tackle two main issues, both of which I am currently experiencing: a no hassle moisturiser, and making designer stubble comfortable.

I have loads of moisturisers, but none like this, it has a fast acting formula that hydrates your skin instantly without leaving any film on the surface. It’s gel formula in less intrusive than a conventional cream, and this really softens the stubble (I might go as far as to say it conditions it) I have 10 days worth of growth at the moment and normally this would be enough to drive me mad! But this product has worked its magic and I have barely noticed that I haven’t shaved. Overall it’s a soothing product that tackles two very real issues for men and I for one am a fan. £8.99 I paid for it and worth every penny.

Second, I have just bought a Number 7 beautiful skin cleansing brush. Clarisonic is the big name brand in this market, and I have heard nothing but good things about this product, but I don’t invest £80 – £120 easily, so I decided to give the number 7 one a whirl.

It is essentially a super soft rotating brush head that gently but effectively cleanses your skin (using your normal cleanser). I have been using mine with my Eve Taylor aromatherapy facial wash and it’s has gently begun to develop a much less irritated skin base for every day. With the limited amount of sleep I have been getting, my skin becomes prone to breakouts and a bit unpredictable. But this new system to my routine has evened the playing field and has allowed my skin to perk up. I have no reference point to tell me whether it’s as good as the clarisonic, but what I do know is that it has improved my complexion significantly and that it only cost £15.

For now my routine works for me, but guys, don’t be afraid to vary it when that is what your skin is asking for.


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