Thatisbeyond…Hooray! I have finally found a shirt that fits and doesn’t gape over my man breasts!

Thatisbeyond… Hooray! I have finally found a shirt that fits and doesn’t gape over my man breasts!

This may not seem like a victory for many of you, but for me this has been a bit of a revelation! I decided to go for a bit of a shopping spree on Oxford Street and treat myself to some new clothes. I rarely do this these days – the trauma of clothes that don’t fit and shops that only stock skinny jeans is enough to send me into a self conscious wreck (on a side note, I popped into top man, where I was told that they no longer stock “regular” jeans – just 7 varieties of skinny jeans!) but on this day I scored a victory. When I went into next (where previously I have bought a work suit and very little else) I discovered a fashionable, but more importantly a well fitting range of clothes.
I bought a shirt immediately, it was well fitted and enhanced my shape (I didn’t think this was possible anymore for a man of my size). How best to describe this shirt? Well…it’s short sleeved, it takes my proportion well, it takes my broad shoulders and narrows across the waist, which frankly makes me feel much more confident. So much so that I bought it in Orange! The summer wear is classic but with fit taken into consideration in the design process.
I returned a few days later and bought the same shirt in a preppy light blue, which is a tad more formal, some khaki shorts that are the right length and aren’t too tight across my thighs, and some airy burgundy plimsoles with a mesh effect upper! And all of that for just £60!

Really, it was a different vibe to how I remember Next, it was sporty and summery and at a really good price point. The shirts particularly are a thicker cloth, which gives them a bit of structure and enhances the fit. I have to commend next on this, a really great move, and I can say that it’s the only high street retailer that I currently trust with regards to sizing, and that is why I will be a repeat customer.

The secret to this is a combination of basics, with good fit, and a reasonable price. Get this right, and it’s a recipe for success.

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