Thatisbeyond… What products do I use on a show day in a west end theatre? Well let me tell you!

Thatisbeyond… What products do I use on a show day in a west end theatre? Well let me tell you!

Having produced and performed in a one off charity gig in a west end theatre, I needed a small selection of products to get me through the evening! This was a 19 hour day all in, and included lugging speakers an lights around so I had to be prepared!

Firstly, some good roll on deodorant. And I stuck to what I know works best with the bluebeards revenge roll on. This is a non sticky and long lasting deodorant that does a good job of controlling the pit area, and leaves you feeling fresh.

Next a spray deodorant… But what you don’t need in a dressing room of singers, is four guys out doing each other with how long they can spray their lynx can without stopping! I went for the Carolina Herrera 212 – natural deodorant spray, which delivers a measured dose of it. Again it’s a fresh fragrance that’s not too heavy, and it doesn’t leave you choking on the taste of metal and hairspray, so that makes it a winner too!

Shower Gel… I am a sweaty man, I am 16 Stone and I am broad and tall, and therefore I sweat. As well as spare t shirts, I also brought a shower gel to use between the get in of the show and the performance itself. I chose the Crabtree and Evelyn – West Indian Lime – shower gel, which did the trick nicely. It lathers well and left me feeling clean, without drying the skin too much, and it’s not a fragrance that competes too much with anything else, it’s just a lovely product to use. I have the 50ml travel size from feelunique.

Haircare, I brought my soap and glory comb and Billy wild hair (which are both great) but ended up only using a tiny bit of product because I spent most of the show in a hat of some description! It’s counter productive to use product and cover it up! But I have to say that this is my current go to range for a messy but coiffed style at short notice! And of course after all that hat wearing, I needed to sort out my Barnet for the post show drinks!

I can’t viably talk much more about Clinique’s scruffing lotion, I have posted several times about how much I like it, so needless to say this was in my bag and ready to use. I also found this good to clear my skin of the very small amount of stage make up I had on for the show, without irritating the skin.

I used two make up products for the show, firstly a collection concealer for the dark circles around the eyes and a translucent powder to lose some of the shine from my skin when under stage lights. I am someone who has naturally dark circles around my eyes, so I don’t try and hide them, they are part of my face! Instead I just lightened the edges so they were less noticeable! The translucent powder is from my wife’s collection and is from the Rimmel staymatt line, and it made me look much less shiny, and for that I am grateful! A little of this powder goes a long way, and this is really good for wedding days as well, it will stop your face shining in the photos!

Lip balm- Blistex daily lip conditioner
Antibacterial hand gel – fresh balsam by bath and body works

And that my friends was it!

So that was a little tour of this man’s show bag and I can honestly say that I was glad I brought everything!


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