Thatisbeyond… My marathon survival kit!

Thatisbeyond… My marathon survival kit!

I have been no stranger to publicising my participation in the Stockholm Marathon, which I am running to raise fund for two worthy charities. (Mousetrap Theatre Projects & The Royal Marsden cancer charity) but what I haven’t had a chance to discuss is what Marathon specific items I will be bringing to aid my overweight body in completing this mammoth task!

So in very simple terms here it is.

Two pairs of running trainers (I haven’t decided which ones to wear for the big event!) An N balance pair that are fairly heavy, but structured with support for my arch, or my Nike lunar glide pair, which are lighter and as bouncy as a trampoline but doesn’t have as much specific support.

One jock strap, I don’t often talk about underwear on here, but this is sports related and I won’t pretend that that this hasn’t taken a lot of consideration regarding support and chafing! I have finally decided to go with an Aussie bum jockstrap that holds everything safely in place and whose material is least likely to chafe me (of the ones that I have tried).

My JVC headphones that fold nicely for easy packing without breaking them and that have a very good sound quality (considering that they were only £12.00). The types of earphones that you have to insert into your ears do not work for me, they constantly fall out and generally annoy me! So these are old school over the head ones, but they are cushioned and lightweight, which I think is really important to me when I am running.

A bandana, which I fold into a long strip and tie at the back of my head. This will only be worn if there is virtually no sunshine, as if it is sunny I like to protect my head, and u am honoured to say that I will be wearing an @wingmantf baseball cap, which my friends from this amazing brand kindly sent me, to wear for this very purpose. It is light blue in colour and will hopefully mean that my wingmen are supporting me even if not there with me. (Cheers guys)

As I am running for two charities, I will be running in a white Royal Marsden running vest (with my name printed on it, so if you are there in person, why not give me a shout out?) and my blue Mousetrap theatre projects shorts.

Plasters/ band aids depending on where you are from! Because I am mentally a 4 year old I have bought neon ones! These will be for blisters and of course for nipple protection!

Two sports specific products that I must have mentioned a million times, the Molton Brown Body-Warming Sportsbalm and the Champneys Anti-Chafing Protective Balm! I literally wouldn’t be without either of these items! They were some of the first sports specific grooming products that I used and they are staples to me now!

My grooming products to follow in my next post! This’ll be coming to you directly as I pack them!


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