That is beyond…My perception of Swedish fashion!

That is beyond… My perception of Swedish fashion!

Having spent a week in Sweden’s Capital city, Stockholm, I have gained a real insight into what the movers and shakers of Scandinavia are rocking, this Spring and Summer.
I have also quizzed my spy (a resident of Central Stockholm) on what trends he has seen on the hip and trendy!

I spent my time in an area of Stockholm called Slussen (which I am reliably informed has a kind of shoreditch/ Dalston Vibe) and there is a real sense that you are ‘in the thick of it’ here. What I saw everyday, was a pride in the fashion, bold colours in use, & not needing an excuse to wear shorts as long as it’s not in the minus degrees!

Clean lines and bold colours were a common thread, pleated chino shorts with a bright band of colour from their socks and fitted shirts, which put together provides fun to a standard outfit. The mix of patterns, that I saw paired together, offers a little whimsy for the more adventurous male.

At 24 degrees it was shorts weather and boy oh boy did I get in on the action! (This is my spiritual home, as I need no excuse whatsoever to get into my shorts!) I also managed to spend two bank holiday days there, so the overall experience was a much more casual, yet fashion forward look! From smarter chino styles, to baggier skater styles, everyone was sunning their legs (even if they were wearing jackets and coats also!) Some that particularly stood our were mint green fitted chinos paired with a shirt sleeve patterned shirt and clashing patterned scarf.

Business men rarely wear suits! From my perspective in London, men exude their power and Status in the cut of their suit, and so a suit means business! But in Stockholm the ways that businesses function is very different, and that is reflected in their workwear. Shirts will be worn with casual chinos (or regular fit jeans) and comfortable shoes. There is a much less defined hierarchical structure to Swedish businesses. There is an emphasis on teamwork and inclusion, which lends itself to a more casual sense of style in the workplace. It is effortless and easy to replicate and prides comfort and ease over power!

The stand out brand that was everywhere, from toddlers to oap’s was a little shocking to me! It was Abercrombie and Fitch. You could not cross the street without bumping into someone wearing this brand. I asked my friend who was also a wearer of A & F, why? And he attributed it to the fact that you can’t easily get it in Stockholm and so everyone wants it!!!! I like the style, their sizing is not great for me but I have to say their shorts are right up my street! Their range is from sports wear to smart casual wear and is very easy to dress up or down, as many natives did. I think that there is something to be said about this laid back brand fits well into the psyche of this nation.

I should also mention Bjorn Borg underwear, which is a great balance of bright design and excellent fit. In a similar price point to Calvin Kleins, what you get is a much funkier and younger design that’s a bit different to your everyday underwear!

Much like Shoreditch you are no-one in Slussen or nearby Gamla Stan if you don’t have a excellently coiffed Mo or even better full beard. Let’s be honest, this is not exclusive to either London or Stockholm, but there truly were some excellent beards that I was very jealous of! So if you want to know about the Scandinavian grooming trends I saw, keep an eye out for my future posts!


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