Thatisbeyond… A little restaurant review.

Thatisbeyond… A little restaurant review.

This is a new venture for me. I have never really blogged about restaurants before, and there are a number of reasons for this!

Firstly, I don’t really eat out that much. I am Lactose intolerant and a very fussy eater! And there are so few restaurants who cater to lactose intolerants, that I simply don’t bother any more.

Secondly, I didn’t even know how to cook pasta when I went to University! I had never had a Curry or Chinese Food or a take away Pizza! (That’s what coming from the middle of nowhere does for you!)

Whilst in Stockholm though, I found a restaurant that is EVERYTHING that I want from a restaurant, and so I had to share this with you guys. Whether you are lactose intolerant or not, this is THE restaurant to visit in the Swedish Capital.

Tradition is modern restaurant with an excellent vibe. Clean lines and chic, with a view of the surrounding architecture. It only seats around 30 people but each table has it’s own little area, so you don’t feel like your neighbours are looking over your shoulder! It’s a couple of streets away from the main road in Slussen and so is a bit off of the beaten track, but this only serves to add to the feel of the place.

There was a small selection of draught beers (I went for their Swedish Ale which was delicious) Spirits, and an expensive and exclusive cider hand pressed by an old lady in France! This is not the standard British pub selection, it was all delicious. Those who have visited Sweden, will know that Alcohol is not cheap! By all accounts it’s expensive £7-£8 a pint and the cider I spoke of was £19 a bottle! But really these drinks were full of flavour and extremely complementary to the food.

Our little group of three, sampled the delights of a Veal Burger with traditional trimmings, traditional Swedish meatballs, and a salted brisket of beef with Horseradish sauce. (I am salivating thinking of it!) It was all cooked perfectly and was delicious, from the accompanying mashed potatoes to the tender cuts of meat. This is comfort food that makes you feel like you are sitting on a giant sofa. It’s good sized portions but presented beautifully too.

All of the dishes are Lactose free, even the desserts which were delicious, and so I didn’t have to worry about anything for the whole night, which led to me having a fantastically relaxed evening.

I had a Swedish liqueur for dessert and had a taste of the creme brulee with citrus salad & banana mousse with chocolate parfait which are indescribably good. Had I had space in my stomach, I would have been all over the dessert menu!

On top of the great food and the fantastic atmosphere, I have to say that the service was excellent, we felt thoroughly looked after throughout the evening.

Would u go back again? Hell yes! You just try to keep me away!


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