Thatisbeyond…a-z of grooming products and brands!

Thatisbeyond…a-z of grooming products and brands!

Here’s a little run down of what I think is hot in way of male grooming at the moment.

American crew – classic fragrance. Yes yes yes, this fragrance always gets me noticed. It’s a great summer fragrance, that’s really fresh and won’t break the bank.

Bluebeards Revenge – I love this brand, the roll on deodorant is the best on the market, and they do excellent shaving gift sets which are great for guys starting out on their wet shave journey.

Champneys – Their sports range is fantastic. This is much more than just a spa brand, loads of thought has been put into the practicalities of the range and their cooling muscle gel was my rescue remedy after the marathon.

Dove for men – what Dove for men do really well, is those everyday shower basics that you use all the time. They are much kinder to the skin and less drying. In short a great gym bag brand.

Et men – Eve Taylor for men was one of the first brands that I bought, and really, there are very few brands that are as special as the aromatherapy magic in this range. It really changed the experience of shaving for me, and is proof that a product can have more than one legitimate purpose.

Fat hair – one of my newer discoveries, but easily in my top three haircare ranges. It works miracles to (as the name suggests) fatten the hair and give it more volume. I have not come across a product that I don’t like in the range. Particularly good are the shampoo and conditioner that are SLS free!

Grooming room (Ted’s) – a team of great barbers, and the ‘Full Ted’ (haircut and traditional wet shave) is a service you have to treat yourself to at least once, and you can sip a signature cocktail whilst you wait… What are you waiting for?

Henri Lloyd – excellent skin care brand and their marine extracts line is manly and effective. This is my summer go to, their moisturiser with SPF is fantastic as well as the hand cream.

Ice power – another cooling gel for sportsmen, one of the sponsors of the Stockholm marathon, this is now a staple in my sports kit for when the muscles are overworked.

Jack the lad – a new line that I have literally fallen in love with, you need to get your hands on this line immediately as there is something for everyone. The longevity is great and styling is really easy (full review coming real soon).

King of shaves – I have tried a couple of things from this brand and I have to say that the stand out product is the Hyperglide razor. It is a whole different experience, and is a clear move forward in the technology used for cartridge razors. Now readily available, so there really is no excuse not to try this shave system out!

Loreal men Expert – hydra energetic moisturising gel – securely in my holy grail of products, this is great at softening the stubble hair and also enriching dryer skin without being at all oily. Sometimes I don’t want to slather loads of moisturiser on, and this is a completely different method of skincare that really works. This is easily the best purchase that I made this year.

Murdocks of London – this is a brand that really appeals to me, they are a grooming brand about men with personality and individuality. The atmosphere is easy going and very hip, their product range is classic with a modern twist, and to be honest I would be happy to hang out here with these very cool people all the time, if you haven’t been before book now!

Nickel – this band offer amazing massages in a professional and in daunting environment. Relaxing and efficient this place in Covent garden is well worth booking an appointment for. I haven’t tried any of their products yet, but I am eager to get my hands on some really soon.
Opulentia Organics – one of those lovely brands that I may not have found if it were not for twitter, a really great moisturising body oil in a whole host of fragrances, I can really recommend the bergamot and patchouli one, which is great for guys or girls.

Pecksniff’s of Brighton – amazing fragrances with a British unique quality to them. Their shower range is fragranced well, but you can’t beat the aftershaves. A real range to suit all of us guys and our fragrance needs.

Quickly picking another ‘M’ Molton Brown – another really strong sports range which smells good and the heating balm is a fantastic alternative to deep heat. One of my favourite fragrances of all time is ‘silver birch’ especially the bath salts.

Rimmel – not technically a grooming brand, but I have to mention the stay matte dual action concealer. For auditions this has been a life saver for the bags under my eyes and the odd spot! I’m not someone who wears makeup all the time, so in terms of longevity, I am just not sure. But for what I need it for, it certainly does the job, where others have failed. It blends nicely so isn’t too noticeable.

Soap and Glory – they brought out a range for men over Christmas, and I picked up a couple of gift sets. It’s a strong masculine fragrance (a less strong version of Joop!?) and the Billy Wildhair is a good staple product for the hair as well.

Tweezerman – simply the best tweezers you can get, and their G.E.A.R range is looking excellent! I am trialling two products from the range and they are really strong for male grooming. You know you are getting quality with this brand and longevity, an investment in the best sense.

Una Brennan – the best clay mask on the market… There I said it, again not a grooming brand but this is better than any other clay mask that I have tried. It sinks into the pores and really clears them out leaving the skin looking youthful and well conditioned.

Vitamin Water – keeping hydrated is really important for good skin, without this base, products aren’t gonna help at all! I like flavoured water better, and so vitamin water seems a good way to do that!

Will power – this is vital, any exercise is gonna help make you a healthy person and determination will make you more competitive and likely to keep it up.

Xercise gurus the ‘lean machines’ -these guys are funny and create really great short videos on you tube that are easy to follow and quite effective. They also do get back to you with advice if you have questions. These guys are worth keeping up with if exercise is part of your life.

Yankee candles – great scents and readily available, their seasonal candles are particularly good.

Z (I don’t have one so I get another B!) Bath and Bodyworks – I don’t leave home without pocketbacs in my bag. Antibacterial hand gels that kill germs and smell really good. These are also (for my money) the best candles around.

So there you have it, if you have any questions about my A2Z, why not tweet me on @thatisbeyond

Take care


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