Thatisbeyond… An inky issue.

Thatisbeyond… An inky issue.

I want to preface this blogpost by saying that I like tattoos a lot. I really do. If I worked in a business where tattoos weren’t limiting on my work, I would definitely be getting one. But I also feel that it is important that I talk about a little bugbear I have found about online shopping… So here goes.

Recently whilst shopping online I noticed that there is an ever – increasing trend of featuring male fashion models who are literally covered in tattoos. I thoroughly respect each individual’s choice to get inked, but I do have some issues with the models having so much visible artwork.

In my opinion, the tattoos show a bit of personality, but they do distract from the idea of a model being a canvas on which to show off the clothing. I can find it quite difficult to separate the patterning on their skin, from the garment itself (especially on a computer screen).

When we see a model online or in a magazine, a lot of us (me included) are already being asked to suspend disbelief (namely that we are not ripped, or indeed have a 28” waist!) which already separates us from the clothing, because we are wondering if it will also look good on us (taking into account my belly or enormous thighs!) but now we need to also take into account that I don’t have artsy arms to show off either?! It’s just a bit to much to ask of me as a shopper!

I’m not sure how the trend for tattooed models came about – maybe it’s the Shoreditch vibe that is very “in” at the moment, but I have to say that a line of ink above the collar of a formal shirt does not look right, and it certainly won’t make me want to buy it. Honestly I don’t blame the models – If I had their good looks and loved body art, I would totally do the same, but I would say that I am unsure why the brands chose these models when their choice of Tatts are distracting from the products themselves.

For me, I will always appreciate the artistry, but I can’t escape the distraction that they are to the fashion. In short I wish I looked like them, I wish I was inked like them, but I am not. And seeing clothes upstaged by the tattoos is not what I want to see!


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