Thatisbeyond…Short Shorts and much much more Clothes Haul


Thatisbeyond... Short shorts that are just part of my haul!

Well it has hit that time of year again where I get a little spendy and decide
to pick up the summer wear that will see me through August and through my
planned October Getaway!

This year has been a bit of a fashion quandry, but I decided to embrace the
look and run with it! The "short short" trend has left me somewhat perplexed!
I like them, but would they suit my frame? God only knows, and so it was
time to brave the changing room mirrors and see!


I went to river island and found these too cool for school shorts/ trunks in
the sale. The bold print appealed, but I thought that the sizing might be an
issue as the largest size they had left was a large! Da da dahhhhhh! But when
I got these bad boys on the cut and fit were great. They sit 1/3 of the way up
the thigh and really suited me (well I think so at least!) the pattern adds
some interest and there was room to move without them being baggy and
shapeless. They also have the necessary mesh briefs in them for swimming
(which means no boxer briefs for me on holiday!) but the cut would be good
for a touristy city tour as well. Sale price £12 and River Island's range of
beachwear is great this season.

Next I headed to the Matalan clearance store in Wood Green. Top tip! If off
the shelf fits you well, you can pick up a decent formal suit for £30 to £50. Its
true that the fit is not going to be as good as tailoring, but on a budget you
can pick up some bargains.


Here I picked up just the 1 item, and it's this thick grey denim popper up shirt.
I wear a lot of colourful trousers, and I find that I like to use the grey spectrum
on top as I find it slimming. The size is large (but I have to say that it is a
generous size large - with a 46inch chest it's xl every time for me, but this fit
me like a glove. This is definitely an evening outfit piece. It's too structured
for beach or hot weather wear, but for £6 I had to get me some of that action!

New look is where I found this second pair of beach shorts in this delightful
floral print!


Now let's face it, wearing these in the sea is going to be a No No! My tackle is
for me and my significant other only, and on a family holiday it would be very
inappropriate to wear white swimming trunks, but I have to say that these will
be great in transit and go with pretty much everything I own! The Cut is good
(in these I am an XL) and they are a little baggier than the River Island
ones, but those of you, who like me, have well developed thigh muscles, do
beware that the "around the thigh" measurement is a little small for the
general cut of this short. That being said, they were £6 and I really like them
so I got them anyway!

I also picked up this T-shirt which predominantly features a tree in this pastel
arty colour spectrum. I don't like my t shirts to be too tight (fabric hugging a
beer belly is not an attractive look!) so I got this in an extra large.



I have a long torso so this amply covers it making me feel much more
comfortable. Its a light weight fabric, i don't know how washing it will
affect its shape, but I guess I will find out soon enough! £5 in the sale.

Next and finally was a trip to a little shop I like to call Primani!!!!!

Now I don't know about anyone else, but unless you buy the higher priced
items they are only gonna last a couple of washes! This is why I don't spend
a huge amount of time or effort in there, but I would say that for
accessories to pep up an outfit or for some disposable basics that you are
happy to replace. To this end I have made a couple of purchases.


These faux - tortoise shell glasses are right up my alley! I like glasses, 
partly because they are something to hide behind and I feel much more
comfortable. And these are a bit different and summery.


I also picked up these chunky black framed ones which are fun and serve
much the same purpose. Also I have a lot of auditions so anything that I
can use for a character is part of my box of tricks. You hold yourself
differently in glasses and for me that can be great. At £2 a pair you can't go

I also bought this belt which has this graphic robot print on it.


I like to have something that stands out on an outfit and makes it that little 
bit different. This is fun and has whimsy and I like anything that makes me
smile and this did that. It was £1 and it makes me feel rebellious when I
am at work in my smart clothes but with my funky belt!

Last are these deck shoes. I am not afraid of mixing and matching patterns
(sometimes this is my downfall) but generally I consider my self an
ambassador for pattern.


This Gul pattern is a bit mad, and over a larger item would probably be too 
much, but on these I think it's quite interesting and really works. These are a
kind of hybrid between espadrilles and deck shoes which is fantastic because I
have an abnormally high foot arch, which makes wearing the funny named
shoes almost impossible. There is something cartoonish about them which
comes from the shape and the spongey look to them! £6 boom!

As you can see I spent very little money, but what all of these items have in
common is that they will really work with a summer basics wardrobe. To me
wearable fashion is about feeling good in what you wear. I love fashion on the
catwalk and in high end stores but what makes me smile is finding a way of
wearing affordable clothes that is unique to me and exemplifies my personality.

There are some great finds out there, so why not check them out! And you
know what its a great way to enjoy a day with your favourite person as well



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