Thatisbeyond…In search of the Holy Grail wallet!

Thatisbeyond…In search of the Holy Grail wallet!

I consider myself King Arthur on a quest to fine the Holy Grail (a decent wallet for an affordable price) and I have been on this search for a while, but to no avail. There are many rules that this HG wallet must adhere to and I have yet to find a single contender!

Rule 1

There must be a zippable compartment to keep my change in.
This is a non-negotiable. Men fall into one of two categories, those who keep loose change in their pockets and those who don’t! I definitely fall into the latter, and the reasons are because
a) I keep loads of other stuff in my pockets so there’s no room
b) I am always dashing about and so I lose loads of it
c) I could cope with it in jeans but in trousers it just doesn’t work and I like for there to be consistency!
This is not genetic, my dad is all about the loose change, but I like for mine to be kept with my other sources of money, i.e. in my wallet.
This zip cannot hold the money behind where the cards are stored as this drastically cuts the life expectancy of my credit card!

Rule 2 

The wallet must be securable

The worldly wealth (and some other money can’t buy sentimental things) is kept in my wallet, so I like to think that it is all secured within the walls of sed wallet! A simple popper or clasp will do, but some method must be in place to keep the wallet together.

Rule 3

There must be a section where I can keep a pic of my wife.

It’s important to me that I have her with me, and as I have my wallet wherever I go it makes sense to keep her in there!

Rule 4

It cannot be boring!

Now I’m not necessarily looking for some crazy neon monstrosity iof a wallet, but I like there to be some element of design or taste to it. Some Featured stitching or nice lining on the inside, or a different texture to the material. I just want something that singles this out from the boring functional wallets that most have.

Rule 5

It cannot cost more than £15.

I will not break the bank for something to keep my money in! And the other problem is that to buy it online it’s difficult to get a full idea of what’s in it and how it feels etc. I think I maybe have spent £20 previously, but on the whole £15 is reasonable and at the end of the day I want to use it, not be scared to take it out of the house because it cost me and arm and a leg!

So these are my wallet rules, and the search goes on, I would love any suggestions that you can give me, as I have been searching for most of 2014 – I know I seem picky, but I don’t think this is a lot to ask of something that I will use every day!


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