Thatisbeyond… My office drawer reveal.

Thatisbeyond…my office drawer reveal!

Just a little look into what I keep at the office, to get through life!

Nature valley Crunchy breakfast bars – if there’s one thing that I am good at, it’s forgetting to pack my breakfast or lunch! These are a reasonably healthy snack that can also be really good dunked in tea! These are chocolate chip, but the ginger nut ones are good too.

Antiseptic mouthwash – when your teeth are possessed by the devil like mine are, then all the dental paraphernalia in the world is needed! This is a great mouthwash that is also really good if you have a sore throat (gargle a couple of times a day And let it work it’s magic)

Bath and bodyworks pocketbac in beautiful day – antibacterial hand sanitizer is a must. I keep beautiful day in the drawer as it’s apple based and crisp. People are always asking to use it and this one is great for guys or girls so it’s a good one for the office.

Loreal men expert hydra energetic eye gel, good for the bags under the eyes, the silver roll on ball cools any puffiness around the eye area and perks up the face. This is a great and easy product for when you joust need a little brightening up.

Pomegranate tea bags – I am trying to cut down on the caffeine intake so in the afternoons. These are my pick because they actually taste of pommegranate instead of just smelling like it. The bonus is that they are and Asda own product and are therefore quite cheap!

Dove Mencare silver control is a pretty decent all round antiperspirant/deodorant. When you need a product like this you want a silver base in the ingredients as this will be less abrasive on sensitive skin. This dove one is one of the better ones on the market.

Ibuprofen – self-explanatory really, mainly for the persistent toothache I have been plagued by!

Wisdom interdental cleaning brushes are disposable brushes for getting between your teeth in to this hard to reach gaps. These are good if you are out and about, but your will probably want something more substantial at home.

Jack Black double duty face moisturiser – I love the Jack black range. This is a good thicker moisturiser that is not too greasy on the skin. With a lot of air con in use at work this helps the skin to not dry out too much.

Lush grease Lightening – a great spot treatment that works to soothe irritated spot prone skin. Rather than carrying it around I have some at work and at home!

Neal’s yard remedies roll on in”energy” I love Neal’s yard and their ethos. This is a roll on blend that serves to energise. I really like this after lunch to give me some get up and go!

Clinique for men… I got this whole miniature range as a free gift around Father’s Day with other purchases and honestly it is good to have this in the office, just in case. The Clinique for men range is fantastic and so I like to treat myself with it! Included in the kit are
Moisturising lotion
Body and hair wash in “happy”
Cream shave
Face wash
Post shave soother

Clinique exfoliating tonic – this was the next generation of the scruffing lotion, which I loved. It now comes in two varieties one for dry skin and one for oilier skin and it is a really lovely product. At £18 it’s a bit steeper than I would usually pay, but in honesty it is worth it to keep skin looking fresh.

Kiehl’s ultimate strength hand salve. These are some samples that I was given when the new Kiehl’s store opened in Covent Garden. But once I get through them all, I will definitely be purchasing some because it’s nourishing and feels good for the hands. As an actor you don’t want your hands to give your age away!

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