Thatisbeyond…Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic.

Thatisbeyond…Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic.

I have reviewed (at length) Clinique’s scruffing lotion. It really was one of my favourite products of 2013/14. It’s purpose in life was to clear the skin of dirt and grime. This it did plentifully and I was really happy that it was not at all drying on the skin. Many of the high street alternatives to this product will do a decent job of the cleaning part, but can leave the skin feeling very parched, and they can be very abrasive.

You can only imagine my horror then, when I discovered that Nowhere seemed to stock this holy grail scruffing lotion! I was convinced it was a personal vendetta against me and prepared to wage war! But in one last vain attempt (on a trip to Reading) I asked the lady at the Clinique counter where I might be able to get some, and she said that particular product had been discontinued, but that it had been developed into a new but similar product…The Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic.

Where as the scruffing lotion was available in a larger range of skin specific blends (there were at least 6 different ones, all in a rainbow of colours). The exfoliating tonic will now be available in two different blends; Dry combination & Oily.

The packaging has also changed, the once opaque bottle with colourful liquid has been replaced by a “manlier” grey packaging which is a block colour. The new packaging fits into the line well, and it still has the clinique chic style to it, but I have to say I preferred the scruffing lotion packaging, which featured a screw top (at least it did on my miniature) rather than a snap top which could much more easily get caught and open in your manbag!

This exfoliating tonic is the next generation for a reason though. It is even more gentle but also really effective at cleaning the pores out. On my morning rat race into work,? I find that my skin feels like it can’t breathe (even if I shower last thing before I leave!) but this liquid elixir freshens that up in seconds! I also find that I am prone to spots and I growing hairs in the chest area, and this just helps keep them at bay (now guys this is not a miracle ingrown hair solution, just helps keep the area clean and spot freer).

Currently selling at the £16 to £20 mark, it’s not high street priced, but I would add that a bottle lasts a fair amount of time and I use it twice a day. I have been using the dry combination one, and this seems to suit my skin really well. To be honest my skin is more combinationy though so will probably try out the other one just to see how that works as well!

You know you are getting quality with clinique from beginning to end, and as a necessary skincare regime item I will spend the higher price tag. It’s a really good product and in combination with upping my water intake, I have noticed a real difference in the clarity of my skin. I am less blemish prone and there feels like there is a plumper quality to the skin.


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