Thatisbeyond…one day ageing you a decade!

Thatisbeyond…one day ageing you a decade!

Within my group of friends, all of our birthdays fall between the 23rd of August and the 27th December. Mine being the first. This has meant that between New Years and the summer holidays, it is all about me! Which in turn means I have 8 months every year to plan the spectacle that will be the big day!

This will go through many guises… This year a hunger games theme, dry skisloping, white water rafting, trip to the beach, Harry potter world, karaoke party… The list is endless!
This year though is different, because about a month ago I realised that this year I will be 30! And suddenly none of the fun stuff seemed appropriate.

People in their thirties have to be sensible and stuff, don’t they?

I’m not a big clubber, I generally get a bit overwhelmed by crowded spaces, I love a drink but I hate feeling out of control when I’ve had too much ( and I’m gonna fess up – I cry – a lot – when I have too much to drink). I don’t do drugs, I don’t even want to imagine what I’d be like on them! And my lactose intolerance makes eating out all a bit too traumatic!

Now my wife is no doubt, thinking that I am expecting some big fanfare or event (and maybe me in my twenties would have loved that) but this birthday I just want to chill the f out, and not have to think about work (as you can imagine, it is unfortunate that I am on call from 10am – 8pm) we’ll probably have a nice breakfast, a wander, and maybe some shopping. But turning 30 is about being stress free!

In so many ways I have been grandad-like for most of my twenties, but come Saturday it’s official… I will be grandad through and through! Hand me my pipe and slippers (well actually just the slippers as I gave up smoking 18 months ago and I still can’t be near one for fear that proximity will equal addiction!) so slippers, a cardigan and a nice cup of lacto-free cocoa is the life for me!

Overnight I will age a decade and whilst I will no doubt cry (such is my natural disposition) I will look forward to being grumpier than I am now, embrace the wisdom that will naturally occur overnight and more than that enjoy spending a bit of money on metrosexual face creams and just for men so that I can be one of those “fit grandpas”!!!!


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