Thatisbeyond… An ode to my father.

Thatisbeyond… An ode to my father.

Today is the day of birth of my father. I thought I would use this opportunity to introduce you to my style icon. Not necessarily style in terms of his fashion choices. (Some have been questionable to say the least!) but more that my dad is a stylish man, a true gentleman with style in conversation, as the head of a family and as an educator.

What my dad hasn’t taught me doesn’t need to be learnt. He is an inspiration. And yes I would prefer it if he didn’t wear a blue hoodie to every social occasion, that isn’t in a church! But the type of man that he is, is stylish in every way.

The Chameleon – my dad can adapt to every situation. This is a life skill that he has prepared me well for. We both get nervous in new surroundings but when push comes to shove, he listens and contributes to conversation, but most of all can discover a real interest in that conversation. It is sometimes genuinely surprising even to him!

Another tradition passed on is that he is the giver of sound advice. This paired with his effortless judgement of people means that in most situations he can use the right timbre of language to make the situation better. For me he will be more sensitive in his response than he would be to my brothers (who would both admit sometimes they just need telling straight!) my sister is like a flower and dad knows that her petals need to open first.

The family man – my dad is a man of family values, a And he exudes pride in every one of us for whatever our achievements. He delights as much in the smile of a grandchild, to a cap and gown, to a song sung in karaoke, to someone owning up and saying I made a mistake. He is unapologetic for himself and for us all, and that is a stylish choice.

Style in a relationship. My parents are the shining example of what a relationship should be. And to this day there is a glow about them that can not be replicated, when they are together. They complete each other. My dad has only ever been in love once he says because he didn’t know love before he met my mum. They say that the perfect accessory is a partner on your arm but I really feel like my parents are each other’s.

Be a man. (And be a man doesn’t mean go and fight on the streets) be a man means take responsibility. First when your young learn to be a man by taking responsibility for your choices, your education, your drinking habits. When you get older you are a man when you strive for your dreams and that of your family.
Continue to be a man by learning from your mistakes and asking for help. In short be stylish from the inside first.

Be yourself. If your personal style is lacking in style but it makes you happy then… Be yourself. If I want to wear a short suit to a wedding in Somerset where no one would “get it”… Then do it.

Dad has taught me to be who I am, my style is all because of him.


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