Thatisbeyond…the fashion accessories that will get me through autumn.

Thatisbeyond…the fashion accessories that will get me through autumn.

Autumn (or fall for my American cousins) is the season when it’s important to make sure you have the right accessories for the job in hand! From the vests and shorts of summer it’s about time your style had a little more function to the fashion!

First and foremost let’s get the manbag situation sorted. For me there are two key types of Manbag that are necessary for the demands of autumn,
A) an every day satchel
B) an overnight bag
Part A is simple, it needs to be big enough for the demands of your job, but also it needs to work for an evening out too! I have a great bag which I picked up from for around the £25 mark. It’s brown with some good detailing on the strap and has lots of pockets which in my line of work is a non negotiable.

Part B I am in the market for. I find that a travel a fair amount in autumn and often go from place to place without stopping too long at home. For me I like to have longer handle so that I can throw it over my shoulder. I have had several examples of this kind if bag and I tend to find that the detachable single strap will break. Top tip, if it’s too heavy to carry with the attached handles, you probably have too much in it! This one is from and is £325! Needless to say for my budget I will be looking for a high street alternative. But this is a sexy little number and if I had the money I would invest… Immediately!

With the 28th of August being national bow tie day, it’s reminded me how much I like to wear a bow tie! A good novelty item that peps up an outfit I have been mentally revisiting the virtues of some quality neckwear. I have a couple of ties that I would wear with formalwear, but just for fun this autumn I am going to be casually popping on a bow tie, in the office, out and about as well!


I was very lucky to receive some pretty amazing scarves for my birthday and I will be rocking these out through autumn and winter. As well as my beloved Harry Potter – Ravenclaw house scarf (I don’t have the words) I also received some decidedly manly and stylish scarves from my friend Graham. He purchased these two beauties whilst in Edinburgh for the festival and these are high quality and swanky all woven into one. I have one in a blue tartan and a more modern one with a pop of colour that will be working in conjunction with my classic black IMG_2220.JPG

With autumn comes a barrage of weather changes, and with the changing weather, appropriate footwear is a must! I have spoken at length about these classic Clark’s boots which were my staple last year and continue to be this year. With a manly grip, woollen insides for warmth and fold over tongue these are the perfect boot for the colder months. (They’re also really IMG_2224.JPG

At the weekends in autumn, I like to give my scalp a rest from the torture of styling products! With that in mind I like a baggy beanie to sit atop my head! The kind that will cover your ears and let a little tousle of fringe at the front! This is a staple for me each year and I don’t foresee that changing this year either!

And last but not least for those autumn weddings, it is the season of the pocket square! Any formal outfit for any event will be made more sharp with the addition of this nifty little accessory. A suit is a big expense, but this is a simple way to change it up relatively cheaply and really scrub up well for any IMG_2223.JPG

With this in mind, there are a few things I need to pick up in preparation, but I can’t wait to start layering up and hitting the town in my Scottish scarves!

Keep it Snappy Gents!


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