Thatisbeyond…looking after yourself!

Let’s face it, we all need to look after ourselves a little bit better. I’m not suggesting that I am suddenly gonna start going to the gym in my lunch hour, (I would love to but my budget does not permit such luxuries) but there are other ways for a man to look after himself, and for this man there are a couple of key steps.

Yes that’s right! I tend to keep myself so busy that weeks can pass before I realise that I haven’t sat on a sofa or read a book for pleasure, or been out for that run that I thought I could squeeze in between meetings. For me getting a good nights sleep is regenerating (this may be because it is rarely the case that I get a good sleep) but I must try to really settle in to relaxing and make time for it.
Any metro guy worth their weight will be seen drinking litres of the stuff. It’s not my favourite, I’m not gonna lie, but now I have my “bobble” which filters the water as you drink it and has really changed the taste of the water that I have been drinking. The magical qualities of water are limitless, and keeping hydrated is going to help clear out the pores and mean that you have to put less artificial product on your face to keep you looking tip top!

Eating Well
By far the thing that I find hardest. The other night over a delicious bottle of merlot I reminisced with my uni friends about how bad my diet had been back then! This is a common talking point amongst us all as for me university was the opening of my eyes to a world of food for pleasure rather than just fuel! This is great, but is (in my opinion) a contributing factor to why I can never lose weight – I have to like something to eat it! I am not someone that can stomach a food or texture that they don’t like – it causes me to have a physical reaction to it. So I have to eat more healthily and choose to cook more – instead of falling back into the easy routine (and over eaters trap) of convenience food.

I lack confidence, I over analyse every detail until I am sure I am incapable, uninteresting, boring or plain not good looking enough. And this is a tough trap to get out of, because it only takes one person on twitter to comment on how fat you are, or an unflattering headshot, or a break in my routine to put my on edge and once again the self doubt creeps in. I know who I am, and sometimes I like that person and sometimes I can’t bear to look at them! I cry when I’m happy orsad, I wear some clothing that I really shouldn’t, and when I’m nervous I talk far too much about myself!
That in mind I’m me and as frustrating as it is to be me, I wouldn’t be anyone else.

So look after yourself, for better or for worse, and try to add value to your life every day, and don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. Dust yourself off, tomorrow’s a whole new day whether that’s a good one or a bad one!

Take care of yourself



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