ThatIsBeyond…My latest Feel Unique purchases.

ThatIsBeyond…My latest Feel Unique purchases.

Feel Unique is a great way to discover new grooming brands. Every now and then, I like to pick out a few bargains and get them delivered hassle free directly to my door!

Just this morning I received an email from Feel Unique to let me know that my delivery had arrived and been signed for – just one aspect of the great service that they deliver.

This time I ordered one brand that is tried and tested (a replacement for used products) and three brands that are completely new to me. (And let’s face it, a grooming blogger’s testing of products is never over!) and what’s really exciting is that some of these products actually tackle things that I haven’t even thought of! So let’s have a look what’s in the mystery box this time!

Gripping stuff is a haircare set created by male grooming company Osmo. This range is for gentleman who are conscious of their inherent style and want to work some real texture into their hair. My hair is really quite fine, and so getting texture into the style is really important in ensuring that the look is modern and manageable. It useful to add some volume to it so that it isn’t too flat and lifeless.
Included are the:
Osmo Clay Wax 100ml
(Matte finish clay for that fresh out of bed look)
Osmo Shaper Maker 100ml
(Cream shaper which adds shine)
Osmo Effects Detoxify 250ml
(Clarifying hair cleanser which tackles product build up)

I am excited to try these products and put them to use on my new blonde locks! I picked up this set for the ridiculously low price of £5.24! (The bargain hunter strikes again!) on other sites this is £15 – £20.
Try for yourself

My next product definitely falls into the category of products that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to have bought had I seen them on the shelf, but with descriptions available on I thought why the hell not!

It’s by fudge hair, and its their head shine spray. It is a kind of hairspray that adds shine rather than hold (as far as I can tell) hair can look a bit dull and I guess that this is a way to combat that dullness.
The trumpet like funnel is an interesting applicator, but I am more interested in
a) whether this works, with regards to boosting shine
b) can it be used as a styler also
This cost the grand sum of £4.18 and the RRP is around the £10 mark. So again a good discount available.
Try for yourself

The product that I am most excited to use is from a brand that I have heard a lot about but never purchased myself, and already I think this could be a brand that gets some if my hard earned cash!

Taylor of Old Bond Street have been making traditional grooming and shaving products since 1854, and have stamped their name on lines of products for even the most discerning of shavers! I didn’t need to be asked twice, so when I saw the Preshave Aromatherapy Oil on sale I couldn’t click the ‘add to basket’ button quickly enough!
It has that smell of traditional barbering about it – lemony and manly, this fragrance reeks of class and tradition, and I fully subscribe to that. It’s an aromatic and classy product to have by ones shaving mirror.
Worth every penny of what I spent (on smell alone) it was just £6.00 for 30ml
Try for yourself

I also purchased some more face masks from Montagne Jeunesse for men, as I was running low on them. Feel Unique offer sets of these in a “Cello Pack” and this one contained 6 of them for £3.75.

I chose this set of them as it had more clay ones in it, and also featured one of the self warming sauna masks.
So within my cello pack (and they literally come in a cellophane packet!) were the following:

2x blackhead mask
2x zap them peel off mask
1x morning after scrub
1x dirt and grime clean (self heating)

That means they come in at around 63p each which frankly is ridiculously cheap.
Try for yourself

As I try these out, I will of course review the products in some detail, but I wanted to share the bargains that are out there to buy right now. I bought all of these items in the current sale and therefore if you do want to pick up anything, act quickly to get these amazing prices!



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