ThatIsBeyond… A big change!

Today I decided to brave a look that I haven’t experimented with for a while! For one reason or another I have the next two weeks off of work and therefore can afford to go a little crazy!

My decision is that I would dye my hair super blonde! I’ll be honest, this is not the first time for me, but it has been a while since the last time I did it, it was a disaster!

I like to experiment a fair bit with my look, and after seeing Chris H’s makeover in ANTM I thought why the hell not! (If nothing else, he has shown that blond hair and brown eyebrows can work!)

The fear with being as dark haired as me and going blonde, is firstly that it can go orange! And secondly that it can absolutely ruin the condition of the hair! But I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.

So here are the products that I used to achieve my blonde locks!

Firstly the dye!
Schwarzkopf live colour XXL – this bright colour is from a range that has pink, blue, black etc within it. This is not going to be the most natural finish, but instead it will be a statement of supercharged colour.
This is good stuff! When you are going from dark hair to blonde, there is always gonna be a small coppery tinge to some areas, but on the whole this has been a great one to use. This is around the £6.50 mark, but all hair colorants are BOGOF at superdrug at the moment so get them while you can!

Now to combat those coppery areas I have been using a purple shampoo to really intensify the white blonde areas and to further lighten the hair as a whole. It’s pretty good. It’s not a miracle worker but it does make a distinct difference. The one that I have been using is by Provoke – their touch of silver range and I have been using the shampoo and accompanying conditioner as well. They worked out about £3.00 each and I have loved the difference that they have made.
What else would I recommend for coloured hair?
Buy some of the super strength conditioner to work on the hair and stop it from drying out so much. You can buy them in your local chemist for about a quid!

This is not going to be for everyone… But I am enjoying it and it’s a bit of fun (or a midlife crisis depending on how you look at it!)


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