ThatIsBeyond… Today’s Rehearsal Look

Today’s look is a rehearsal outfit. This is not sportswear which will be my staple outfit for when we head into blocking or movement, but instead an outfit that is comfortable and appropriate for post rehearsal drinks.

In these early rehearsals, I like to make sure I dress in my own comfortable style. So much of the work that we do in these early rehearsals is exposing of our bodies and personalities. From measurements being taken, get to know you games and sight reading, it’s all done at this early stage when you are not all that familiar with the other players, which means that it’s all the more important that you enter the rehearsal room feeling on top of your game.

So today I am hoping to hit it out of the park and have an enjoyable read through of the text, In today’s rehearsal look.
(I am also, where possible, going to give you the size that I am wearing to give you a true idea of each brand’s sizing)

Black Wide Rimmed Glasses
I like to hide behind my glasses framed, and these are no exception! They draw the eye away from the bags under my eyes and I think make my face look less chubby.
These are non prescription and cost the enormous sum of £2 from Primark.

‘Motorbike and Tree’ scene printed T-Shirt
This t-shirt is soft cotton, and fits really well. I am currently a little over the plague of patterns that stretched through last summer and into the spring of 2014, so I am really enjoying the designs with photographic print on them, I just find it less repetitive and more inspired.
This scene takes the idea of a sepia toned photograph and pushes those orangey tones into the pink spectrum instead, creating this faded print which adds more interest to a simple white Tee. This is from NEW LOOK and was in the sale for a fiver! To fit me comfortably so that it’s not skin tight I got this in a XL.

Tokyo Laundry Boxer Shorts
Needless to say comfortable undies are vital, and so I picked these soft material ones from Tokyo Laundry. There is a lot of stretch in them, and I find that they do not bunch either, which is an extra bonus! They have a classic cut, similar to the Calvin Klein Button front and are mid thigh length. Comfortable fabric and well designed. I got mine from TKMAXX and they were £7.99 for a pack of 2.
Size L

Grey Casual Trousers
I originally bought these to wear in a show, but they have become swift favourites of mine. They are definitely grey, but they are definitely in the lighter spectrum of the colour. There is a fair amount of stretch in them which adds to the comfort factor, and the leg length is also spot on. I guess they are pretty standard on the whole but the colour to me is special. They have four pockets and are a smart well balanced design (especially on the back) They are from H&M and cost £15. These are a 36 waist (regular one size fits all length).

Maroon Meshed Plimsoles
This is an exemplary example of comfortable footwear. Firstly the mesh design allows air to get to your feet and keep them that little bit cooler. Secondly they kind of stretch around the shape of your foot and so it’s like wearing slippers outdoors! Thirdly, they are a bit of a talking point, as they are kind of a new generation of the basic plimsole. There is also a bit more structure to the sole itself and hence they are a little sturdier than your average dap!
I bought these from NEXT and they were £25. Size 12

Statement Black Jacket
This jacket is a hydrid of a blazer and a biker jacket. The details are lovely and it serves the purpose of being my summer outer wear staple.
This is not a tailored blazer, it is a very thin layer basic jacket with some of the biker details giving it a modern edge. It features a black painted metal buckle and rivot points around the neck area, with a nod to some naval type epaulettes atop the shoulders. This is a stylish and modern feature jacket, that fits well on my curvier figure. I have had this one for a while, but it was from H&M and was a snip at £35, this is a 42R (which is generally the biggest size that H&M do)

So this is today’s look and i will be wearing it with confidence!


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