ThatIsBeyond… Jack Black Supreme Cream.

This is a beaut of a product. The quality of the ingredients is evident and you can feel it in the shave itself. The cream works to “lift up the whiskers” and in doing so provides an extremely close and precise shave.

This shaving cream is easily worked onto moist skin with the finger tips, but for my money it was quicker and easier to really work it in with a standard shaving brush, giving you a proper lather with none of the dryness.

The fragrance is a lighter scent that features macadamia nuts and soy, and to my mind there is a citrus tint to it also. It’s a play on the traditional barber scent (but much less overpowering!)

As a shaving cream, it protects your skin and nourishes it rather than drying it out like a foam, or foaming gel. And in this brand you can be confident in the quality of the ingredients in the product itself. This includes Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Colorant Free, and all of their ranges are always dermatalogist tested.

This is a great on the go product that means that a Quick Shave can be achieved with very little fuss, and with very little mess to contend with. This has been an essential for me on work trips and holidays alike and I am honestly glad to have discovered this product as part of the Jack Black travel kit.

The science behind the product is very clever, (and whilst I don’t much understand how it works) it basically ensures that less nicks and cuts occur, because of the way the product works around the hairs. I have to say that I have now finished the entire 3 fl oz tube and not once have I had a shaving related accident!!! So whatever the science is, it seems to be working!

Jack Black is not just about shaving, they have a varied and distinct grooming range that definitely deserves a few minutes of your time for some exploration.

They are a quality brand with classy and gentlemanly products and great gift sets to boot.

And if you’re interested in looking at the “Pure Science Jet Set Traveller” set to try for yourself, HERE is the link.

I will be purchasing more from this range in the future, and Jack Black are without a doubt, one of my top shaving brands.


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