ThatIsBeyond…My Top 8 Summer Grooming Products!

I thought it was about time that I explored the topic of this summer’ stop grooming products that I have been using. Some of these I have mentioned before and some are newbies, but what they all are, is great products.

Shave Product
The Colour Me Shave Stimulating Mandarin, Lime and Basil shaving gel, is easily my favourite shaving product from the Summer. I bought this green Gunge-like shaving accessory, partly for the novelty factor and partly that it is a different shaving system that goes straight onto dry skin and continues to moisturise the shaving area throughout the shave.
Liz Laurie’s concept behind the product is a lovely story too, so why not click here and have a read.
In short this brings the fun back to the bathroom! (And it’s good for your skin too)
It creates a well lubricated shaving surface, and because of the slightly sticky consistency of the product itself, it provides a close and accurate shave.
Buy yours now:

Grooming Tools
Us gents don’t require that many tools for our grooming purposes, but the ones that we do use should be by Tweezerman! I am loving their G*E*A*R range and tone absolutely honest I don’t need anything else by way of controlling any stray hairs! The slanted tweezers allow precise facial manscaping, and this sexy little moustache comb and scissors, do the obvious as well as taming stray nostril or ear hairs and any out of control sideburns! There’s a gentlemanly cohesiveness to the range and you know with Tweezerman you dealing with quality products made of quality components.
To Visit their website Click Here

The Bluebeards Revenge roll on deodorant is a hard working roll on that doesn’t leave my armpits at all sticky! They are a great company with good ethics and feel that real men should also be Eco warriors.
I don’t ask for a lot from a deodorant, just that it’s long lasting and effective. And this ticks all of those boxes! Their range is excellent and I am really keen to try out their straight razor (among other things!) And of course I am a supporter of any company who contributes to the greater good.
To view their website, Click Here

My next two items are both body moisturisers and are very different beasts, but I have been enjoying using both over the past month.

The & other stories – body cream in Moroccan Tea, has a fragrance not dissimilar to a mojito (which was the main reason that I bought it!) this is certainly more of a girly body cream that I would usually buy, but it smells really good. It’s a great at home massage lotion and is perfect for sharing with the wife as well. It’s also a good all round moisturiser that has really helped nourish my dry knees and elbows. It’s formulation is not too oily and I find that it sinks in well to the skin without leaving that “film” that you can get with some body lotions.
Click Here

Palmers Rapid Moisture Men Spray Lotion.
This nifty product combines all of the best things about Palmers, the aroma of cocoa and a non oily consistency with a spray applicator that makes using it incredibly simple. It creates a fine mist that spreads evenly, even over areas where there is a lot of hair and sinks into the skin really well. It is a very liquids moisturiser and just requires a quick rub into the skin. The packaging is gym bag friendly, and is quick and easy to use. Easily one of my faves from their range, and I really enjoy it generally!
Click Here to explore what Palmers has to offer.

Face Mask
Una Brennan, Una Brennan, Una Brennan. I have yet to find a mask as effective or as good a product. I could literally talk about it for days (but I won’t). What I love about this product is that you can see it working into the pores of the skin, but it doesn’t leave the skin dried out or in need of moisture. I have repurchased several times already and will continue to as I have yet to find any facemask as good. I use this once or twice a week to balance out my oily skin and it never fails to leave it looking fresher and in better condition.
Click Here

Shower Gel
Nivea for men sport. Shower gel is not something that I usually talk a great deal about on my blog. But since original source decided to hike up the price of their men’s shower gels by up to 250% (compared to their standard range) just because they say ‘for men’ on them, I decided it was time I made a change and went with some other ranges. Nivea is a brand that I use a lot of products from, and I really like the fragrance of this one in particular. It doesn’t dry out the skin and it’s affordable and readily available.
Click Here

My brand of the month has got to be Fudge Hair. They are not a brand that I had used before but I have to say how impressed I have been with the two items that I have used from their range. The first being the zero hold fudge head shine. This is not a hairspray in the conventional sense, but instead it adds shine and reflection making the hair look healthier and glowing. Since I have had my blond hair this had stopped but looking full and flat, and instead gives it added dimension. Click Here
And secondly my pal @apothecarydaze supplied me with a sample of the fudge Clean Blonde Violet shampoo, which has removed the coppery tones from the hair and has given me a much more work friendly level of blonde. It has transformed my look and it is so easy to use. I will be getting my hands on my own bottle really soon! Click Here
This is a brand that I will be getting to know a lot more in the future and a deserved winner of Brand of the Month!

So these are my delayed August faves, I would love to hear what you have been using this summer too!


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