Thatisbeyond… Packing for a much needed holiday!

I never used to consider a holiday a necessity, in fact I would only go on one if I had the spare cash lying around! It was a treat, rather than something I would save for and look forward to. I may have something to do with having been on close to minimum wage for a considerable number of years, meaning it just wasn’t possible.

But most recently, I have been increasingly feeling that I NEED a holiday, a getaway, to somewhere where I can just relax for a few days and de-stress. And it has been with this in mind that my wife and I, have booked a week in Crete. The appeal is really the warm weather, by the sea. But also we wanted to go all inclusive, but close enough to be able to walk, to visit local villages because neither of us drive!

And so as the washing has gradually gotten done, my suitcase has slowly began to fill with the holiday attire that I have been waiting to wear. And to that end I wanted to outline the key items that I am taking with me and why!

The Short Shorts
I have been loving the mid thigh length trend from this summer. I don’t have much write home about in the looks department, but the one feature that I am proud of is my legs! Years of hockey has given me some good muscle definition in the thighs and calves, and I have found that the wider cut of the leg is flattering on me and that the raised hemline creates a more fitted mature look, than the baggy board shorts that I would have worn in my teens!


I have a multitude of patterns with a similar cut, and these are my go to summer favourites because they are so easy wear, a plain white tee is all that you need, but with the right pair you can also dress them up to create a smarter evening beach look!
This pair are from New Look and cost £10 in the sale.

The Razor-Back Vest
I don’t do topless! There is far to much of me to put on show, so the vest or t-shirt will come off to sunbathe only! I therefore need a decent selection of basics to take to the beach and for walking to the beach! The razorback cut I find most flattering as whether fitted or oversized the best just seems to sit better. This might be due to the fact that the fabric is away from the shoulder blades, it it might just suit my body type, but for me the razor back is the best.

This plain grey fronted one has a contrasting mustard panel at the back which looks great and still really simple, I bought this oversized so I could wear it for running too. The low cut of the “armholes” means that it’s airy to wear and very comfy.
This one was from ASOS which I bought recently in the summer sale. I think it was £4!

The Footwear
I have size 11 feet, so if I’m not careful half of my suitcase will be filled with shoes before I realise it!
I am taking four pairs with me, but for very specific reasons!
1) flip flops – one pair in white, that way I can wear them to and from the beach but also go into evening with some cropped trousers if the mood takes me!

2) Plimsoles it’s good to have some dossing around footwear that also has a bit of grip if we decide to go cliff top walking or the like!

3) Smart shoes, it’s always nice to dress up, and these double monk straps are stylish and comfortable, you want to have a dressing up option, if only for a nice restaurant!

4) Running Trainers – I like to be active when I’m on holiday, I will read a book in the beach for a bit, but there has to be stuff to do as well! I am going to a resort with a gym and lovely running trails so my Nike Lunar Glides are a necessity!


The winter warmers
Ever the optimist, I have only packed one set of warm clothes. I have a cable knit jumper in this khaki-esque shade, both warm and fashionable, a pair of regular fit jeans that can double up as three quarter length when I turn them up, and a light weight scarf that can be used for the evening!

Underwear, mainly briefs because they are comfy (but also because some of my short shorts have lining and I don’t like wearing boxers with them!) I also packed some speedo style swimwear, because if the weather is as nice as it says it will be I want to get a decent tan!

So here are the main items I have packed… It takes some consideration, picking the right capsule selection for a holiday, but it will be worth it, when I am not stressing over what to wear!

I head on holiday tomorrow and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do just that! I can’t wait to be chilling by the sea and eating good food.

ThatIsBeyond… A much needed holiday!


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