Thatisbeyond… Another Suitcase In Another Hall.

In my work, I have to do very little travel. And to be honest I don’t travel abroad all that much for fun either!
So it is a new thing to see my suitcase packed for a second time in less than a week! Ready to head off tomorrow to Copenhagen, for meetings and team building.

I know what to wear for a holiday (I think my previous posts have covered those bases!) I know what to wear for work… What is appropriate and what is not! But I don’t know what to wear on a work holiday. What is appropriate?

So I have opted for the safe ground and chosen to go smart/casual. With a couple of quirkier items for my own amusement! It is also not going to be particularly nice weather at all and so I have had to break out some of my winter wear and give it its first wear of the season!

This cable knit jumper is one of those simple yet stylish basics that every guy should have ready at a moments notice. It is well fitted and not too much of a chunky knit. It is uber warm and really does suit any size or shape. With this kind of style you want to pick it up in your correct size, don’t oversize or go for a fashionably slim fit, it’s a much more stylish choice when fitted properly.

I have made the mistake several times of travelling in jeans (part of me thinks that they are heavy so I should wear them and not pack them) but with manly frame and length of 6 feet and 2 inches, it is often a bit of a struggle to fit in the airline seating in comfortable clothes, let alone in restricting denim jeans! So I have decided to also pack these lovely grey “casual chinos” that have a bit of stretch to them and in the long term are going to be much more comfy travel wear. These were £15 from H&M and are part of their basics line, they have been a summer staple, rolled up as 3/4 lengths and as easy breezy office wear. And heading into this trip, these are my first choice for travel apparel.

For down time, and I have been dying to show this off, I have chosen this Harry Potter T shirt from Primark at £6. I am a Harry Potter fan and I think it’s a bit of fun to wear this, it’s a basic tee but comfy and also fits well, which is not always a given! It has had a couple of washes and has kept shape well. It’s also a bit of a talking piece when people see it! Hahaha!

Next my quintessential winter coat – the duffle coat!
Hood ✅
Waterproof ✅
Warm ✅
In the grand scheme of things what more could you ask for in a winter staple piece of outerwear?

I got as far as this in my blogpost and then disaster struck! Upon landing in Copenhagen, we discovered that the baggage handlers were on strike and we would not be able to get our suitcases! 23 hours and 30 minutes later we got them back, and I have never been so pleased to see my case!

Moral of the story? Make sure you pack spare undies, socks and a 100ml deodorant in your hand luggage as well as your toothbrush and paste!

Never have I been so glad to be wearing comfy clothes – not entirely suitable for the nice restaurant we were attending that evening but at least I would have been comfy! As it stood I purchased an outfit from H&M so not all was lost!

Exciting times, beautiful city and ultimately the right choice of clothes even if I couldn’t wear them!


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