ThatIsBeyond… Ted’s grooming room on Berwick street opening!


I was lucky enough to attend the opening weekend of Ted’s Grooming Room on Berwick Street, and get myself a perfect pre-holiday haircut and wet shave!

I attended the opening of their Covent Garden branch before, and I really loved the experience there too (so much so that I got my haircut a couple of times, there) but the Berwick Street store is a different beast altogether!

There is a running theme throughout the grooming rooms, they are graphic and modern but with some lovely nods to the traditional barber shops of my youth. Their lamps are coloured barbeside containers, which add a touch of whimsy, and there is a focus on the “experience” of being in a barbers, offering music and a great cocktail selection!

So with these running themes what is the feel of the Berwick street store? Well, it’s hipper and darker, there are some great light sculptures making up for the lack of natural light. It’s a hive of activity with their cocktail team creating their quality cocktails in view (reflected in the mirrors). The cocktail that I had was delicious and the team on the bar knew their stuff offering a less well-known alternative for the constantly asked-for mojito! I am searching for the name of the cocktail that I had, but can’t remember (but it was at the top of the menu and was very good). The flavour combinations are great, and they are proper cocktails, not premixed rubbish!

So let’s get to the grooming part… As with all the other grooming rooms the cut, the shave & the service of the barbers is second to none. There are some extra touches which are great and just make a bigger impact on your whole look. Firstly, my monobrow was tamed with some threading (painful but also rewarding!) stray hairs from ears and nose Etc were dealt with using parafin and a giant cotton bud, and whilst the wet shave process is underway, you also get a shoulder and arm massage, which was greatly appreciated!

The Full Ted package is around the £45 and let’s be honest, for a haircut and a full shave, that’s a pretty good deal. The haircut was excellent dealing with grown out blonde hair and a cut the had no style left in it, he did a really excellent job. The shave was close and precise, and the skincare stages were really beneficial also.

My one comment on opening weekend would be that it was more chaotic than the opening of the Covent Garden grooming room, but I think that was because of the opening. With Ted’s Grooming Room, you know you will be treated well, can relax and that they have the necessary skill to transform you. Whilst the relax part was partly missing from the opening, I know that when I return it will be, so it’s forgiven.

Ted’s grooming Room also use their own range of products which are excellent, I have reviewed items in the past and have never been disappointed. The barbers know their stuff, so if you want to find out more about the range, ask them as they use it every day! Available from Boots as well, these might just make a great Xmas gift for a grooming conscious fella!

So why not give the Ted’s Grooming room experience a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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