ThatIsBeyond…The dreaded return to the Gym.

ThatIsBeyond…The dreaded return to the Gym.

I enjoy the Gym, but sometimes life gets in the way! I am a creature of habit, so when I do go I truly commit to going! But in the past when life has got in the way… That has been the end of the road.

But not this time!

I am braving the dreaded return to the gym, because my fitness is important to me –
“Hi I’m wayne and I want to get fitter and healthier”
Life is still getting in the way of my fitness goal though, it seems that before I realise it, all of my time is taken up with something or the other (so much so I barely know whether I am coming or going!)

So I am changing it up and trying to become less of a habitual gym goer and instead commit to a number of visits per week to fit in, this maybe in my lunch hour, an early morning or squeezed in between work and rehearsals but one way or another I will use this membership.

“It’s also about achieving realistic goals”

I would love to have a body like the Davids (Gandy and Beckham) but it’s not necessarily going to be that easy for me to achieve. So my next months comprises of the following:
4 visits to the gym
(3 circuits of 10 exercises covering all round fitness)
1 middle distance run
7 nights In bed by 11pm!
This should be easy to achieve, I enjoy all of it, and the extra rest should mean I have the impetus to get out of bed for an early morning session every now and then.

“Diet is important too”

Of course diet is important too, and I will strive to eat healthily, but I don’t do food goals – they are too easy to break (for me they are anyway) so whilst I will keep an eye on my intake (and avoid eating burgers every day!) I am going to roll with the punches and see how that works for me!

Once I have completed the run of the musical that I am in, then there will be some hell for leather gym time occurring and an increase leading up to Christmas … But for now one manageable step at a time, the gym kit is packed and I will be spending my lunch hour making a fitter (and hopefully leaner) me.

Fingers crossed and I will keep you posted!


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