ThatisBeyond…THE necessities for festive cheer.

I like to be prepared! But the truth is that I am so busy that I sometimes forget the odd function or trip, and a last minute quick fix is needed. As the festive season approaches,the probability of this happening to me gets greater and greater! Between work, family, my play and of course being social, I am almost guarenteed to screw up at some point! So already my secret kit of rescue items are ready for use at any point, and so I thought I would share them with you here and now!

The festive Tie (That will take my casual outfit to bohemian chic in a matter of seconds!)
This is a knitted tie, that rreks of vintage wear although it is brand new and very reasonably priced (£5.00)! It’s from Primark (their Cedarwood State range) and has a lot of detail for a simple item. This is a smart casual tie with a bit of personality. The wool creates a matte finish and adds a lot of texture to this accessory. The detailing in the knit is great and it culminates in an undertucked straight finish that is classy, but definitely a smart casual option. Theis is some nice ribbon lining around the collar line, which gives it a bit more structure – and this deep red adds to its festive feel. This tie will live in my top drawer and will no doubt be worn to several last minute (or forgotten about!) parties.

The Clinique for men Travel kit ( not just for travel , but for last minute sprucing up too)
I got this for free with a purchase (I think that it was a father’s day promotion) but the Clinique for Men Essentials Kit is also an excellent option. From face wash to moisturiser, shave cream to body wash, this kit has it all! |These are all good quality travel sizes, and because you get six products in the set that I have, it cpovers all of the bases. There is enough here to be able to shave and and freshen up at short notice… minus the razor itself, this is everything that you are going to need. The bodywash is in Clinique ‘Happy’ – and it’s a fresh fruity yet manly fragrance that is gonna perk you up ready for that big night out. Trust me you need this kit in your life! For £30 it’s a nice little gift set too.

Shoe polish (the thing that I need to buy because I always forget)
Sometimes us men forget the details. (at least I know that I certainly do!) you can have the best and most expoensive shoes on the market but if you don’t keep them in good condition, you may as well have not bothered. It well documented that shoes are a big prt of the mating ritual, with a large number of women admitting to not taking an interest in a man if he was wearing bad shoes! So needless to say its probably worth spending a few quid on some polish! It really makes such a difference to an overall look. Its also worth getting a decent buffing cloth aswell, then you can walk out of the office in style.

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic eye roller
It goes without saying that there will be some heavy nights on the booze over the festive period and some burning of the candle at bothe ends! This little miracle stick may just keeps your bags off of your eyes and your boss off of your back! This cool roller ball works into the dark circle and brightens the complexion. It kind of tightens the elastisity skin of the skin and lessends the impact of the dark circles. There are many of these types of product on the market but the high street brand that I always come back to is L’Oreal men Expert, because they work, and because they are formulated especially for us.

I need pocketbac in my life every single day. For the festive season it has to be at least a little christmas related. So this is ICED GINGERBREAD hand sanitizer and it is amazing. (enough said on that) and secondly a pocket sized fragrance that I can keep in my jacket pocket… and my current choice is Charismatic by Pecksniffs. This is a more traditional choice for me but it is modern at the same time. Pecksniffs blend some really exciting and different fragrances and also do excellent gift sets. I received this gift set of four fragrances last year and they have served me really well. Sometimes its nice to have something a bit different to what everyone else is wearing!

So there you go my festive season tricks that make all the difference.


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