ThatIs Beyond… The completely unofficial – THe BreakIng Bad CookBook. By Chris Mitchell


“Our lawyer told us we couldn’t teach you how to cook Crystal Meth, so we came up with this instead.”

Chris Mitchell, like most of the world is a super fan of the show, and brings to you and I, this offering which is part cookbook and part appreciation of all that made this show the hit that it was and still is!

The introduction reads… “If you bought this cookbook hoping that it will be as good as Breaking Bad was, you’re going to be disappointed.” And really, the fun starts there!

This cookbook is going to be the perfect Christmas gift for any fan of the show, and to be absolutely honest with you, they do not need to be especially skilled in the kitchen either! These recipes are not Michelin starred dishes, they are comfort food with a heavy stateside influence, and some great cultural influence from Mexico, Italy, and other areas that create the melting pot that is the US.

There is a filmic quality to the photography within the book, that is vintagey and grainy, it’s not your glossy chefs fare, but instead adds a touch of humour and the odd spoiler or two as you breeze easily through its pages. Some of the recipes are influenced directly by the show, and there are certainly some more tenuous links as well ( this is not a criticism, I enjoyed it immensely and in many ways the author of the book pokes fun at himself throughout!)

There are also some purely comedy sections that are there simply for humour – like the recipe ‘cooking the books’! Overall it reads well, it is a recipe book, but I was also happy reading it from page to page on the tube. One thing it definitely isn’t, is dull or boring!

Split easily in to meals, then desserts, then drinks, this is going to have any Breaking Bad party sorted straight away, and let’s face it this is a great stocking filler!

This week I will be testing some of these recipes out and seeing if (with limited skill, this is actually doable! Pics will be posted on my Instagram (@thatisbeyond) in the days to come.)

I am already hoping to get some people in my work’s secret Santa as this would make the perfect gift for them!

Is it a good read? Yes
Is there humour? Yes
Do the recipes work? You’ll have to wait and see!

This “let’s get chemical” book is “out now, bitch” so why not check it out and get your copy whilst you can.



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