ThatIsBeyond’s… List to Santa.

Well, I think that the title says it all! This post is simply about the bits and pieces that I have seen around that I just have to have!

They range in price, genre and taste! But there will be no particular order or preference to this list, it is simply a list of items that if I opened them on Christmas morning, would leave a smile on my face. So without further ado… Here We Go!

Let me introduce you to the … David Gandy Cashmere shawl neck cardigan and matching lounge pants
Both £150

This lounge wear is quality through and through. The cashmere combined with the excellent cut, makes them easily the most comfortable and sexy loungewear that you will try on this year. This set is pitched perfectly, and there is not a man that I know that isn’t going to like them. They epitomise what I am looking looking for… Comfort. It sounds silly but when I get home from a long week at work, I just want to slip into clothing that makes me feel good about myself. And these items tick that box.

There is no question that for my budget, this is a luxury item, but trust me when I say that when you touch the high quality cashmere, you might just treat yourself anyway!
If you enjoyed the fit of the David Gandy Underwear lines, you are going to want to get your hands and these goodies. David Gandy is a man who understands Men, and injects his inherent sense of style straight into his menswear. This means by proxy that putting on any of his designs is going to make you instantly better dressed!

Boys it’s time to get yourself to M&S.

Triathlon Kit

For me the marathon was so 2014!
2015 will be the year of me learning how to be, ever so slightly more like the Brownlee brothers (and learning to swim considerably more than the 25m swimming badge that I never actually received!)

So amongst this Kit I am looking for some lightweight trainers, a wetsuit and of course a bike – not a lot to ask for, right?! There are some amazing websites out there, and they offer packages specifically for triathletes, they start from £500 and have everything that you will need! For my purposes (and as a real beginner) this is the kind of investment that I can stretch to, and afterall, what is the new year about, if not about getting fit and healthy!

I wanna be the guy who has both the gear and an idea!

The Cravat
Dear Santa, I have a feeling that the cravat will be making a comeback in 2015, and I want in on the action!

Having worn a cravat for my recent role in Victor/Victoria, I have rediscovered the virtues of the cravat and I have to start my own collection! I think probably the best thing about them is that you do not need to have your shirt collar done up! They are so much more comfortable than wearing a tie or a dickie bow, because there is so much more freedom of movement.
Their other virtue is that depending on how you tie them, they can fit in with many casual or smart looks. You can be as tame or as wild as you like and let’s face it versatility is a key factor for us blokes.

The Smoking Jacket

There is something very debonair about the smoking jacket. It’s comfort and general stylishness appeals to me greatly. One imagines themselves smoking a pipe in the library… Which is a sentence I fully intend to use:
A) when I have a racing green velvet smoking jacket
B) when I have a library.

Maybe it’s because I have ideas above my station, or that I enjoy making formalwear casual and vice versa, but for whatever reason I am being drawn to these quintessentially British items in a big way. No doubt this will be another investment piece, but I am ok with that… Especially if Santa is paying!

The Laptop Computer

At the moment I blog directly from a very unsatisfactory iPhone 5. This is not ideal and I am constantly stressing that my phone is running really slowly and it has run out of memory! Aside from this I have my reservations about the phone itself, so it’s probably time to get a PC that works and that I can really build my blog from!

Most important qualities are:
A) Easy to use
B) Good battery life
C) Easily portable!

I am also a massive technophobe, so any suggestions on this front would be appreciated (especially from my tech savvy friends out there!)

Una Brennan Clay Mask

Hello,product that I have repurchased three or four times this year. I have tried comparable lines from other ranges, but nothing comes close to this mask. You can literally see it sinking into the pores and clearing them out. Although not a man specific product, it does its job amazingly and is right at the top of my grooming wish list for this festive season.

And of course one of these two bad boys!



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