ThatIsBeyond… Spoilt Rotten.


This Christmas I have been a very lucky fella! I have been spoilt with an array of gifts that have all been picked out for me by friends and family that care about me.

Over the next week or so I will feature some of these items, but I thought I would start with a selection of grooming products that I received this Christmas. There is an array of products from high street to more specialist and where relevant I have offered a link to a previous blog post.

I hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas and I am wishing you a truly fun and festive 2015.


1. Scottish Fine Soaps
Exfoliating Bodywash.
I have been hoping to trial this more traditional brand so now I have the chance!

2. Carolina Herrera
Fragrance and Aftershave Balm
This is my go to fragrance gift set, the quality is good, and it’s masculine but not too heavy. Click Here

3. L’Oreal Men Expert
Pure & Matte Anti-Blocked Pores
Cleanser/face scrub
This brand have upped the ante with some mass market innovative products, so I will be interested to see what this one has to offer!

4. A Model Recommends
Co Lab Dry Shampoo (Tropical Fragrance)
Sometimes I like to limit the amount of product I use on my Barnett! So this is an alternative that might just do the trick!

5. David Beckham Instinct
A distinct masculine and musky fragrance in the traditional sense.

6. A Model Recommends
Co Lab Dry Shampoo ( London Classic Fragrance)
Much like the other dry shampoo, it’s about time I got the London look!

7. Soap And Glory
No Clogs Allowed
Deep Pore Detox Mask
I love a good mask and I have high hopes for this one, Soap and Glory have some great mens products and this unisex one is on the list to put to the test!

8. Pecksniff’s
Dry Body Oil (Grapefruit & Citron)
This intensive moisturiser is enriched with Argan oil and is fresh and fruity in fragrance.

9. Una Brennan
Superfacialist Purifying Clay Mask
The best of the face masks that I have tried, you can’t go wrong with Old Faithful. Click Here

10. Nivea for Men
Replenishing Post-Shave Balm
Nivea for men was one of the first male grooming brands that I used, and the high street still has great products to offer, so
I will be putting this one through its paces!

11. Sanctuary Spa
5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask.
This is another product that I have really enjoyed using in the past, and my skin can’t wait to tuck in to this mask again!

12. Gillette
Mach 3 Turbo Gift Set
Another high street classic, I will be testing this shaving brush against some others I have collected and see which one takes the crown!

13. Colour Me Shave
“Stimulating” shave gel
Mandarin, Lime and Basil
This is a lovely little fun product that really works and I loved it. Also in new packaging, so let’s see what it has to offer. Click Here.

14. Colour Me Shave
“Invigorating” shave gel
White Jasmine and Mint
A new fragrance to me with the same great formula, I have a feeling that I am on to a winner with this one!


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