ThatIsBeyond.. The clothing Christmas bestowed on me!

This is part two of my Christmas Haul, and this will look at the delights that I will be rocking out in 2015!

I like to wear clothes that say something about me. I like to think that I know the kind of clothing that suits my shape, and I am also not afraid to take a few risks. In many ways this makes buying for me quite easy, and in other ways it is difficult. If you (like me) find buying clothing that fits well difficult, it must be even worse for those who don’t have to do it regularly!

I received an array of clothing items, and without exception I have loved them all.

In this collection of wooden winters goodness, I received this Gryffindor Quidditch Captain Hoodie. The burgundy colour is a good one for us bigger men, and it fits really well. I am a Harry Potter Geek owing to the fact that I was an extra in the first film, so this is a perfect fit both in size and personality!
I had spotted the similarly coloured Beanie in H&M and knew I had to have it (90% of the reason being that it had my fist initial on it and 10% being that I get really cold ears) some would say I was too old to wear such an item, but I beg to differ.
Hasn’t technology come on!!!! These festive gloves allow me to text/use my smartphone whilst still wearing them. (I am wearing them now as I type this) this is a great function, but they also do a good job of keeping my hand warm!
And secondly by way of Gloves, I got these black Karrimore runners gloves which will be a lifesaver throughout the winter months. Kit is vital to training through the winter – battling the elements is key to getting through it!

I love knitwear, and this cardigan/hoodie/jumper is no exception! For me it’s very reminiscent of the 90’s and White is not a colour that I wear too much of so its nice to try out something different. The thing about hoodies, is that they are so comfy and this definitely ticks that box too. The double button detail adds a vertical line which is slimming, and all in all it is just a really nice piece of quality knitwear.

I was very lucky to receive two items from David Beckham’s collection of underwear. They fit well and are a great basics to my collection of underwear. The cut of the briefs is good and they offer a fair amount of support, they will be good for a gym session or for jogging as long as the exercise is not too intense! The boxer briefs I could easily describe as wearing a second skin. As would be expected the support is less in this cut, but they are comfortable none the less and look good on (if I do say so myself!)

I was ecstatic to receive another David Gandy loungewear item (I am determined to get my hands on all of it at some point! This is a petrol greens coloured (thermal-ish) top. As with all of the Gandy’s designs the fit is top notch and it is flattering. The quality fabric drapes well and it genuinely feels like a second skin. The cuffed arms are a great detail, and you honestly know that you are dealing with quality. It’s a great addition to my houndstooth lounge pants and given half a chance I would buy another complete set so I could wear them every day! This is a must buy item.

So that is my haul.

I am one lucky man!


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