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2015 is the year of the triathlon for me. I don’t know why, but there is something that really appeals about this sporting feat. I think it was probably watching the Brownlee Brothers at the Olympics that really got the idea in my head, but since then I have had the idea that it might be a good sport to train in, and 2015 may well be the time to do it.

This is maybe an odd choice for me, as I am a weak swimmer and I haven’t been on a bike in years, but I think the training for it is going to work on all round fitness, and when I get an idea into my head, it is difficult to dissuade me!

I already have the Nike+ running app, which I love and has already served me well through my stockholm marathon training. It is the perfect mix of user friendly and inspirational, and means I can keep a record of the amount of training that I have been doing.

For the Marathon I wore my Nike Lunar Glide trainers, and they served me pretty well, providing cushioning and a little support throughout the race, but since the marathon they have never quite felt the same. I don’t know if this is a mental block due to the 5 hours of pain that I experienced, or if they have actually changed in some way? Either way 10 minutes on a treadmill can prove too much nowadays – so my next purchase is an important one – trainers that provide comfort and support over long distances, but must also be light weight… ASICS are my preferred brand for running but I will definitely be open to other brands if they have everything that I am looking for.

Next is something that is free! It’s great that around London (and I hope the rest of the country) we have started to see outdoor Gyms spring up. The benefits are that they utilise your own body weight as resistance, they are out in the fresh air (mine has a lovely look over a lake with ducks and dog walkers etc), they can be used by the whole family, and they don’t cost a penny! For me this is a perfect Sunday morning exercise as I hate running on a treadmill and this means stretches and resistance work can be split up with a decent outside run and its out in the air instead of some dingy basement Gym!

The swim part is always going to be my biggest challenge. Firstly it is my weakest area of the three, and secondly my Gym only has a 20m pool which means that you spend as much time turning as you do swimming! Each week I am going to have to build up my strength in the pool and pay for that time, and even then I will need to prepare for the transition from the swimming pool to the open water where the triathlons I am looking at are held! I think for me this is by far the most daunting part, but at this stage it is a long way off so I shall probably just worry about that when I get there. Training plan for this? Well I will be going old school and adding extra lengths with each swim until I can complete the full amount!

The cycling part requires one key piece of equipment that I don’t currently own… A bike! Clearly this is something that I am going to have to save up for, but I do know that I have some friends who are well placed to give me some assistance on that front. The truth is I don’t know what is necessary of a bike for a triathlon, so there is more research needed on this front! It may be necessary for me to return to the West Country to do some intensive training on this leg, but hey spending some time with my family would be an added perk!

So these are just the beginning of my exercise journey in 2015, I will head on with determination and see where it gets me! Be prepared for some suitably sweaty selfies heading your way from my Instagram account: Thatisbeyond

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Happy new year you guys!


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