ThatIsBeyond…Finding the perfect swimming trunks.

In no other item of clothing is fit and functionality so important. Yes swimming trunks need to look good on the beach, but also they have a definite function whether you are a competitive swimmer, or like me are more of a competitive floater!!! Ergh… So to speak.

So this is male swimwear, according to me and me alone!

Know your body shape
Who am I to tell anyone exactly what to wear, but there are for sure some rules which seem to work quite well.
Generally speaking the taller and skinnier you are, steer clear of baggy board shorts. These will accentuate your leaner figure and make you look even smaller. Us taller blokes should be wearing a cut that is above the knee and if you are skinnier then I would recommend a more fitted style.
I need a wide cut on the leg, and because I have a sizeable beer belly, it makes me look more in proportion if I go for a shorter rugby style cut instead of something fitted.



The old taboo of to speedo or not to speedo is entirely down to you – any Adonis like fellas out there are gonna look great on the beach whatever they wear, for someone of my stature… Not so much! But that is not to say that on the right occasion I haven’t donned a pair or two in my time! The most important accessory to a pair of budgie smugglers is the confidence to pull them off – whatever you’ve got will be on show so that (my friends) is up to you and you alone!



Again you are looking for the perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics. The trend for white swimwear is a bizarre one to me, if you have to wear underwear beneath your swimwear, then there is something wrong!
White swimwear will go see through even if it has a design on it – so unless you want your tackle on display, fellas it’s time to opt for something more functional (no matter how good the White looks against your tan!)

If in doubt a block colour will suit most, but if you are going for pattern aim for the classy end of the spectrum rather than Hawaiian – even models can look dodgy in these. They need to look good quality on, in terms of fit, style and fabric



It depends how much you wear them, I suppose. I always think that a decent pair will be worn to and from the beach and so they are a dual purpose item. For me skimpier swimwear is for training or sunbathing, and because there isn’t much to them and very few people will see them up close (this is me personally) I wouldn’t spend a huge amount. The key factor is, is everything placed where it should be and that’s about it!

So swimwear is the key to a holiday wardrobe because you will be wearing it for most of the time you are away, put some thought into what suits you, because the fashionable choice for that season may not be made for your body shape and therefore is “unfashionable”!

Happy holidays


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    1. Cheers Ben, yeah no particular rush, but dressing for my size is a passion of mine – used to be to worried to take my top off on the beach but beachwear that fits well has made me feel more confident and now i care less about it! The search will continue!


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