ThatIsBeyond… My social media journey to Instagram!

I am always a little late to the party!

I am a bit of a technophobe (and truth be told quite stubborn as well!) and so I tend not to be the first person to experiment with new technology. So when my wife suggested that I should get onto Instagram, I was more than a bit sceptical. I thought to myself “why the hell would I want to go through other people’s pictures?” Especially people who I don’t know and haven’t met!

How wrong I was!

Instantly I searched for men’s fashion and discovered that there were a plethora of people who share their own outfits, designs and inspirations as well as brands that market themselves and their new innovations! It did take a while to adjust to the idea that I was looking at someone else’s “property”, but after I got over that, it now ranks as one of my favourite social media based things to do!!!

You do not have to be an expert photographer (I am certainly not one) but the site has really taught me a lot about how to make a better picture, just by seeing others do it.

Marketing shots
The lighting and quality of the lenses usually push this into another level, but I have learnt most about the composition of a photograph and how the “frame” a shot.

As you can probably imagine there are loads of these. The overwhelmingly common thread is that people know their angles (I do not!) and so you will see that the hold a similar pose and facial expression in them because it is flattering. Therefore Tyra Banks would probably tell me to spend some time in front of the mirror!

These for me are the perfect marriage between great composition, catching the light & timing. I am no expert but I can tell when I have achieved this level of detail in a shot (even if it is only to my own mind!

Because of the intriguing nature of photography and how personal every picture is, I do feel a bit of guilt that my shots are as varied as they are, I see excellent menswear or male grooming Instagram accounts the focus in on one area very closely and do it brilliantly, but for me, I like not to be too constrained!

So if you want to have a sneaky look my page is (probably as expected)
ThatIsBeyond, why not give me a little follow!


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