ThatIsBeyond…The pros and cons of choosing the perfect man bag.

I have been in a constant cycle for the last 10 years. It’s a cycle that revolves around the type of bag with which to function everyday life from!

I am asking a lot for my manbag! It has to be work appropriate, fit my gym kit including my trainers, be stylish, be good for travel (I don’t drive) & I must be able to find what I am looking for quickly and easily!
This is not me being a Diva… This is how multifunctional, us gents expect our manbags to be.

I constantly chop and change my ideals because all styles of bags have different pros and cons and “I couldn’t help but wonder… Is the right bag for me, out there somewhere?”

Below are some observations on pros and cons that I have made and some of my fave bags on the market, but I would love any suggestions you good men and ladies may have.


The hold-all



– Spacious
– Sturdy and great for travel
– Look great and are easy to go with many styles

– All weight is on one arm
– Either no over shoulder strap or inadequately designed
– Little extra pockets etc to keep important things in easy to reach places




– Even weight distribution
– Extra pockets often feature
– Can exercise (cycle or run) and carry bag easily.

– Out of sight when in use.
– Shape means that it hard to keep paperwork flat
– Space tends not to compete with other styles.





– Work is kept flat and safe
– Style is a more professional sleeker look
– Weight distribution diagonally across the body

– Limited space
– Not as multi purpose as other styles
– Limited with what can be housed in it (ie my gym kit won’t fit!)

What’s your ManBag?

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