ThatIsBeyond… ion8 mad at it!

One of the frustrations with summer commuting is the need to carry a water bottle, which invariably leaks all over your gym kit, important work documents, laptop (insert wet item here!) So when I discovered the Ion8 from I decided to put the technology to the test! My commute from Kent involves a 30 […]

ThatIsBeyond… the Zippo you never knew you needed.

As a fashion-forward man, trying to discover the ULTIMATE look, lifestyle and family experience, I find it extremely important that I accessorise every aspect of my life! As the song goes “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” and no holiday is complete without the ultimate swimwear, an easy to use sun cream, a margarita […]

THATISBEYOND…Wallets for a stylish gent!

With a wallet that has fallen apart in my I hand, I turn to my wife and say “Maybe a new wallet for Valentines Day?” We are dancing the “Gift tango” again, with neither one of us being particularly helpful to the other with suggestions!  But a wallet is actually a great idea, because I […]

ThatIsBeyond…high fashion stakes in the world of weddings!

   As a guy, times have changed! Dressing for a wedding is no longer a matter of just throwing on any old suit and tie. In fact the fashion stakes are higher than ever!   Now that I spend more of my working life in a variation of the classic suit, it’s important to me that […]

Thatisbeyond…Don’t worry be happy! In association with Happy Socks and Happy Days.

I have a bit of a penchant for vibrant socks. I think it began in the late eighties where neon sports socks seemed to be all the rage! As a student I was a hard worker and even head boy of my comprehensive school, but that did not mean I was a stranger to the […]

ThatIsBeyond… AW2015 – Will you be getting your M&S Style on?

It’s always a pleasure to get a sneak preview of the M&S range for the up-coming season. More and more we are all starting to realise, that quality and longevity in Menswear is the key to a successful wardrobe. In womenswear you are thinking season to season, but with Menswear our fashion choices tend to […]

ThatIsBeyond…Menswear in blue #M&S

In a recent clear out of my excess clothing, I was surprised to discover that my previously bold choices of colour have begun to diminish before my very eyes! What hangs before me could possibly be described as a muted colour palette! That is not to say it’s boring, it’s just a lot of my […]

ThatIsBeyond… An M&S look book!

I recently received an email from Marks & Spencer. It details some really fantastic pieces released and in store this January, and so I thought I would share some of them with you! Many of the pieces play along the blue colour scape, but you would be mistaken to think that that makes this collection […]

ThatIsBeyond…The pros and cons of choosing the perfect man bag.

I have been in a constant cycle for the last 10 years. It’s a cycle that revolves around the type of bag with which to function everyday life from! I am asking a lot for my manbag! It has to be work appropriate, fit my gym kit including my trainers, be stylish, be good for […]

ThatIsBeyond… #ootd January 12th

Hello Ladies and Gents, Today’s look mostly consists of: Cream roll neck jumper – £35.00 River Island Dark Blue Chinos £19.99 H&M Black Double Monk Strap Shoes by Lambretta (a gift) Grey Blazer with black piping on the lapel £35 Asda George Cream with Black Polka Dot Pocket Square £2 Primark Lobster Tie Pin (worn […]