ThatIsBeyond… #OOTD January 16th

Well today’s outfit is giving me that Friday Feeling! It’s the end of the week and it’s about function and comfort!

So from the feet to the shoulders here what my outfit has in store for Friday…


As previously featured, these are Lambretta double-monkstraps in a dull patent finish. (NOT check your reflection in it shiny!!)
I love this design, they are the perfect marriage of formal and casual footwear and work with a plethora of styles. I want some in brown too!
These were a gift! And the socks are from Jack and Jones to add a pop of colour!


These are not just any jeans, these are really a special blend of sportswear and denim, by a cycling based company called CADENCE.
A full review will be following soon, but I promise you these are the most comfortable yet stylish jeans that I have experienced. If you are an active fella who is always in the move these may well be for you.
Available from the Cadence Collection Website Here $110


Hello to my second part of this double denim look! This is the perfect tone to play with the double denim idea without getting it wrong. It is a soft denim and its tone and finish is pretty much a block colour. The tonal difference is great and therefore the two work well together. The two items blend in opposite direction, the shirt into blue and the jeans into grey, and that is how you can make double denim look more underdone than over worn!
I bought this short sleeved shirt from Burton so long ago that it’s practically vintage now!!!!
But this kind of style is easily replicated on the highstreet.


This is the the ultimate menswear cardigan in my opinion, it’s two years old from H&M and is literally the warmest cardigan you will ever get your hands on!
The oversized fit is given a more tailored look but mixing knit styles to create shape and lines with the piece itself. The chunky pockets add the the grandad feel and there is plenty of length to the body line for us taller men.
It was £35 at the time, but the trick with replicating this from highstreet knitwear is a good fit, and seeing the work of the design, there needs to be features within the knit.

Collar Bar

This metallic blue collar bar is from ASOS and I think adds a little shine to a predominantly neutral outfit. It was a couple of pounds in the sale and is a bit different so I though why not!


This is a basic black trench in a mid length. It’s a nice finish to this outfit because the oversized collar frames the neck ( where a lot of the detail is featured.) Everyone should get a classic Mac, and this one is ok, but more flattering would be a knee length Mac that will enlongate the body and therefore create a slimmer line.

So that is my Outfit of the day, and I like it… Which is all that matters afterall! I will be mostly feeling snuggly in my cardi today!


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