ThatIsBeyond…The Nip+Man Power Workout Fix

Well, after the muscle-ache I was experiencing yesterday, I knew it was time to break out the big guns! And wen I say the big guns I mean the Nip+Man Power Workout Fix.

I have reviewed the Nip+Man Gym collection before, but I felt that this product needed to be reviewed individually as well!

This warming post-workout serum is applied like a roll-on, and so it’s super effective and precise in its application. I often get exercise related cramps and muscle aches on the underside of the muscles and so conventional creams just don’t get to the heart of the problem.

Let’s face it, us gents have all experienced an accidental application of deep heat in places that we don’t want it! It’s not an ideal situation, but hard to avoid when you are applying this potent potion with your bare hands – Nip+Man has provided and excellent solution in this product and the way that it is applied.

It is fast acting (ie it heats up really quickly) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t long lasting as well. The warming effects last for a solid amount of time and ensure that the transition from activity during your workout, to non activity following it is smooth and extended. This is not a product to replace your post workout stretches but instead a product that aides the recovery.

The power workout fix stays in place and works excellently, even on the larger muscle groups. I have used this on my back and shoulders and it even helps those meaty muscles and eases the pain.

This product is so good, I have kind of forgotten how I managed without it!
Nip+Man is a quality range that focuses on the needs of men and and tackles them with simple, effective solutions. Trust me when I say you need to add this to your gym washbag!

Available online (CLICK HERE)

For £9.95.

It’ll be the best tenner you spend this year.


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