ThatIsBeyond… January Grooming Favourites.


This is my January favourites for male grooming products. 2015 has been about being consistent in my grooming regime and ensuring I am taking the best care possible of …Me!

I have to say that this week I have had a rebellious week, where every pore is itching to become a spot and I have been plagued by ingrown hairs. The weather has not helped, the drying winds and cold temperatures have meant that my complexion has been a lot greasier in general, and not forgetting my work’s New Years Party last week, where I drank a little more than usual and still haven’t caught up on that missed sleep!

Overall I have needed these grooming products this month, more than expected. So in all their glory, let me introduce my January Favourites.

Pecksniffs grapefruit and citron dry body oil 100ml.
This body oil is as dry as an oil can be! The fine mist of citrus is applied easily and sinks into the skin with no resemblance to an oil slick at all! This is a great post-shower product that not only leaves a light fragrance, but offers long-lasting moisture to the skin. You don’t need a lot of product (a couple of sprays will be plenty for the torso) simply rub it into the skin. Done. Two applications a day has really developed an equilibrium to my skin, with it being much softer and in better condition, but also evening out any dry patches.
£25.00 From
But check out the Pecksniffs website and their amazing products by Clicking Here

Molton Brown Indian Cress Purifying Shampoo 300ml
Finding the right Molton Brown fragrance is difficult when there is so much choice! But I happened upon this product completely by chance (India Cress not being high on my list of fragrances) and was so surprised by how much that I liked it, I actually made a re-purchase!
Fragrance wise it’s fresh and upbeat, and as a shampoo its a good formula that doesn’t feel too chemically. It’s not all that often that I would describe using a shampoo as something that I “enjoyed”, but in this instance I would. This is a great gym kit fragrance, and it’s blend of scent that is of the quality, that you and I expect of Molton Brown. It’s a big tick from me!
Click Here

Splash – Haircut (new row)
I have to mention Splash! Now I don’t want to cause an uproar here. I am all for going to a stylist who will spend time developing your style, using traditional techniques and turning “just a haircut” into an experience. But sometimes (like last Wednesday) you realise that you look like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards, and a trim is required!
I have been to the New Row branch on several occasions but I have to say that the current staff are on fire! It’s quick & efficient, and for £9 the quality of the haircut was exemplary.

Tweezerman Scissors
I feel slightly odd about mentioning how much I like a pair of Scissors!
But tweezerman really have changed the way that I see grooming tools and in turn have changed my routine.
These sleek little scissors allow a precise way to keep facial hair looking trim and proper. My sizeable eyebrows are now in check and looking neat… Why? Because these little babies allow you to be precise. The matching comb that comes in the set is also really handy and ensures there are no “chunks” of hair removed!
£20.00 Click Here

Mango Paper Mask
A shout out to my cousin J dog (@apothecarydaze) who treated me to this little beaut on a recent trip through duty free. It’s basically a paper mask that is infused with a really nourishing moisturiser. You stick it to your face and leave it to work its magic for five to ten minutes and then gently buff any remaining moisturiser into the skin. This one is a mango one, and whilst you look like a bit of an idiot whilst wearing it, the condition of my skin after using it was incredible was incredible.
Click Here

212 Aftershave Gel
After receiving a Carolina Herrera gift set with this product in, I assumed that this was a shower gel of some description! How wrong I was! Instead it’s an aftershave gel that lightly works into the dry scraped skin, freshly revealed between the hair growth. It still has a slight sting on application, but it also has this masculine fragrance, with no need to apply anything else. 212 is a quintessentially blokey smell, without heading down the road of musk or wood. The blend is nice to wear and I have always received compliments when I have worn it.
Click Here

King of shaves – Shave & Shield
A recent full blogpost has already tackled this beaut of a convenience product, but it also needed a mention in my January favourites. It’s a 3in1 shaving product that covers pre, during and post shave with full success in all areas. If you are planning a trip away, then this is the one shaving product that you can’t afford not to have!
The blogpost is RIGHT HERE.
And if you want to get your hands in the product itself CLICK HERE.

If grooming is your thing, could do a lot worse than trying out some of these products that I have been using this January.


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  1. When I went to Malaysia last year I bought a bag full of those Korean paper masks at a Korean skincare shop in central Kaula Lumpur. They are amazing! I am still working my way through them but so far I’ve been super impressed with them – they are so easy and convenient to use! I’ve always been keen to try body oil but always worry about it leaving a residue or stickiness behind. I might give this one a go… 🙂


    1. I wish i had more of the masks myself! I was worried about body oils too, but this is a real good one, i have also had good experiences with oils you apply after the shower (whilst wet) and then towel dry as normal, but for me this is the winner!


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