ThatIsBeyond… Exercising my right to enjoy exercise.

Who knew that exercise could be fun?

I can’t be the last one to have been let in on the secret? Could I?

2015 has been about getting back into the swing of exercise, but without forcing my own hand. I enjoy many sports, but still I find myself gravitating to the same gym routine that doesn’t get me anywhere!

So here’s what I have discovered this month…

Not that crazy on a conveyor belt remaining at the same speed for hours on end, but out in the open air with green stuff and trees etc. I have discovered ParkRun (a volunteer run programme that is free to be a part of in a park near you!) every Saturday at 9am I begin a 5k with 80 – 100 others of all ages, and later on receive an email with how fast I did it in etc. It’s great because it makes you compete with yourself, but you have the adrenaline of competition to push you that little bit further.
This excellent scheme runs in parks all over the country, and once you’ve run 5k in the morning, you feel ready for anything your Saturday has to offer!
For more information CLICK HERE

I love to dance, always have, but I don’t do it often enough. With dance you get a full on “warm up” which includes sit ups press ups and cardio, as well as working on co-ordination and flexibility! Honestly, this is an all round work out, that really gets a good sweat on. I have just started a contemporary class, which costs just £5 and is two hours long, but there are so many styles available, from bhangra to ballroom, jazz to street, there is really something for everyone. Note to self though I do hate looking at myself in the mirror, but at times it is necessary!

It’s a simple as walking a couple of bus stops or tube stations on your way to work. Choose to climb the stairs and reap the benefits. This may seem insignificant but before long, like me you will start to realise that you are less out of breath and that you can do the staid more quickly, or can manage twice as many… Every little bit counts.

Whether it’s a wander, a ramble, or a some “alone time” exercise is always better with the person that you love, and that is simply because you are experiencing something with that person and it ceases to be just exercise and instead becomes about the moments that you share together.

So here’s to lots of health and happiness to us all in 2015, and maybe just maybe we will all discover the exercise that helps us to do just that!


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