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It’s always nice to receive a gift. So I was really grateful to receive a veritable trove of unique presents from the gentlemen at The Shave Shop. They kindly passed on to me some products that they thought I might like to try out and boy were they right! This is a review of the ‘au natural pre shave oil’ which was one of a trio of best-selling products.

But before I move on to that product, I briefly want to talk about the brand in general. I haven’t fully tried the other two products within this set, as they are for maintaining facial hair (at the moment I am clean shaven) but there is no escaping the quality of the ingredients. This is a no nonsense brand that has quality products with quality ingredients at its heart.

Firstly, the smell. You can tell the natural ingredient list is of the highest quality. Secondarily, the viscosity of the oils are different from product to product, which at a very base level means they are tailored to do their own individual jobs. And thirdly amongst the vast range of products that are available, there is a unique quality to all of them, from beard combs to shave oils, moustache wax to shaving tools.

The packaging itself is simple brown bottles with pipettes, and brown labels attached (designer glasswear it is not) but the products are all the better for the simplistic bottles. The product should speak for itself and the Au Naturale Pre Shave Oil does just that.

This is a light citrus vanilla blend of almond, jojoba and olive oils, which
is fragrant and works deeply into
the skin beneath the stubble, and also
preps the hair itself for the shaving

The application of the product is really
easy, using the pipette provided you
can also make sure that you do not
waste any of the product. I found that
the initial application gave good
coverage, but that in some dryer areas
some more of this fragrant oil was
required to maintain the smooth
shaving experience.

This is a lovely bespoke product that is
a little different to the main brands on
the market. I think that these little
gems would make a great gift set for
even the most discerning of
gentlemen! There is a vibe, which I
think is created by the bottling and
labelling, that feels like an apothecary
of blends that might have been made
in front of you. It feels special and
bespoke and unusual, and I for one
would be more than happy to receive
any of this range, for any occasion.

Prices range from around the £5 mark
to around £30 for a gift set with the
Au Naturale retailing at a very
reasonable £7.85. I for one will be
making a purchase from the their
EBay shop in the near future, and do
Keep your eyes on my blog as I will be
growing the facial hair to test the
rest of the range very soon.

For their shop please CLICK HERE


*these products are gifted samples, but all opinions are my own.

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