ThatIsBeyond…Neil Patrick Harris you are my style icon of 2015

I didn’t want this to be ” just another Oscars post” but there is no escaping that the red carpet is the place to see some great men’s formal wear. I didn’t watch the ceremony itself, but I have to say that there was one man (who seemingly changed outfits a million times) who managed to look great in every look … Neil Patrick Harris.

As host of this epic event, he really has the opportunity to push the boat out, and let’s face it, for men the oscars is usually the same suit from different fashion houses, but NPH has shown that formal wear can also be FUN!

Let’s start with this great custom grey
Brunello Cucinelli tuxedo and tie. This has divided the critics, but for me this is a thoroughly modern interpretation of the classic tuxedo with a lot of pizazz and style. Classically paired with a Hamilton shirt, this is the masculine look of the Oscars. I genuinely believe that this is a very wearable look for most body shapes, the loose line and relaxed drape of the jacket will work for any age or size.
David (his equally dapper husband, who also looks great) is in a much more traditional white jacket from the Calvin Klein Collection tuxedo, again a custom Hamilton shirt & a rather snazzy Zegna bow tie.

This maroon jacket with black tuxedo trousers is from Valentino and is a sleeker (and more fitted) look. Again this is for the fellow that doesn’t mind being the centre of attention! The fit is exemplary and it couldn’t be more stylish if it tried! This look is amazing on NPH and people of similar shapes, but be warned my big boned friends, as good as it looks on him, this is the least wearable of his outfits for us 😦

Now, my googling has failed me, and I cannot place who designed this masculine blue velvet jacket, but I can tell you one thing… M&S have a not dissimilar one (and so do I!) the accessorising is key for this look, and whilst I appreciate that a giant daisy isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, NPH makes it work, and I reckon I could rock it too! The plush velvet adds amazing tone to the outfit, and ensures this debonair look is all fashion and not fancy dress.

Finally the classic black tuxedo (the Men’s Oscar staple). It’s hard to go wrong when it’s such a classic piece, but the detailing of this suit is sublime. From the curved edges of the lapels, to the tone of the black fabric, this is more than just a suit, this is a statement piece of men’s fashion. And how does a piece become classic? It needs to be stylish AND wearable!

Neil Patrick Harris you are my style icon of 2015 so far, keep up the good work!

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