ThatIsBeyond… Why there is a Spring In My Step!

In the swing of London Fashion Week, it is about time I let you all know what I think!

The release of Spring Fashion is when it becomes a really exciting time for me. Away go the yards of heavy wools and layers upon layers upon layers! And instead we begin to see the textures translate into single items. As a bigger guy, I breathe a sigh of relief.
Spring is fun and full of detailing, which is where we begin to see simplistic design take over. Simple is the key word for Spring 2015, but that’s not to say that the fashion will be boring, quite the contrary actually, we will see a clever use of colour and pattern ruling the design process this season.

This season I will be playing with the formal cut button down shirt and contrasting it with bolder prints and textured block colours. Gone are the black and charcoal tones and instead we are seeing tonal greys and blues contrasting the playful detailing.

When it comes to shirts, Look at the subtle details, make sure they are playful and fit well, but most of all ensure they are good quality material because they are going to be out and on show! It’s really subtle detailing that takes a shirt from being hidden beneath your winter jumpers to being the star of your spring look.
Masculinity of fit is where we will see a change in cut this season. With less layers to hide behind, you need to find the fit that works with your shape. In my case I am looking for length in the torso to narrow my broader line and a fit in the trousers that makes the most of my defined legs.
The shine of the fabrics will become muted and much needed texture will feature, with a matte finish. There is a raw quality to the cottons that can be played with and a great opportunity transform an outfit with the ever-trending cravats and pocket squares, for a night on the town.

We are literally a hop, skip and a jump away from the cut that will change the styling of us bulkier guys. Whether from a heavy training schedule in the gym, or a few too many roast potatoes on Christmas Day, the lengthier cut of the blazer is going to make sure that there are high street clothes that fit as they should do for all of us.
With all that spring in your step, you are going to need some decent shoes, and again texture is the key. We will see battered leather in Browns contrasting with fabrics and brocade – the kind of footwear that looks stylish daytime or night.

Cropping the trousers short or widening the leg, I hope we are seeing the downfall of the skinny jean, and instead playing on the masculinity of a well cut trouser. This is the fashion of men, not boys, and I for one am more than happy with that trend!
So SS2015…
Easygoing with a formal cut

ThatIsBeyond… Why there is a spring in my step.


*All images courtesy of Marks and Spencer SS15 menswear department.

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