ThatIsBeyond…Beard Envy.

One of my pet peeves is my inability to grow a “proper” beard! This is not to say that I don’t grow hair around my chin; in fact my stubble is quite persistent, but unfortunately I have a bald spot within the confines of my potential beard that drives me mad!

It may not seem like a lot to many of you, and I fully appreciate that there are men who are desperate to grow any kind of facial hair, but for me this small 2cm squared patch has been enough to put me off growing my beard out properly.

It’s not an age thing, I see 21 year olds gliding around Hoxton, with a beard worthy of a juvenile Santa Claus! And it’s not that I feel any less of a man, it’s just I feel… Well, less cool!

I have never been a “cool kid” but just as I got old enough to realise that it really didn’t matter how cool I was, beard envy struck and suddenly, as a man, I realised this was just another thing I had no control over! I think the irony is, we spend most of our teens and early twenties scraping the sorry excuses for facial hair from our faces, and now we are striving for a well developed and mature beard. Fashion has A LOT to answer for!

Until there is some miracle solution for this, I guess I am stuck with my incomplete facial styling, but knowing my luck as soon as I do find a solution, the fashion wind will change direction again, and I will have to wear my beard with a hint of vintage irony!

Do you guys have any suggestions for my facial hair woe? In this day and age where there seems to be a product for every purpose, have I missed a miracle serum, cream or gel?

Until then I look forward to trying out as many shaving products as possible! With only a tiny bit of beard envy.


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  1. I have a friend who has got a similar situation but its not stopped him. He’s been beard-wearing for the last 2 years and you can hardly tell he’s got that bald spot. In fact, prior to the beard growing, he went to see a doctor about it and it was put down to a possible mild case of alopecia in his teen years which apparently is not that uncommon with young men in the bearded area. He was given the option to get steroid injections or steroid cream to put on to suppress the local immune reaction of alopecia which in turn could stimulate hair growth but in the end decided he will just live with it. It’s part of your make up – don’t hate it too much! Its what makes you you! 🙂 ›› Men’s Fashion | Grooming | Lifestyle

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