ThatIsBeyond… Taylor of Old Bond Street Coconut luxury Shaving Cream


As a bit of a traditionalist the Taylor of Old Bond Street range appeals to English Gentleman in me. But to think of them as only a traditional brand would be doing them a disservice. A marriage of modern and traditional, quality products is what this brand is really about.

Having used a few of their products previously, I knew what to expect from the coconut luxury shave cream; a thick Lather, conditioning to the skin and free of parabens. As expected this product is of the highest quality and is actually a joy to use.

There is a prestige to the shaving process. It’s a turning point between boy and man, and a history that unites all male folk. Using this product for the first time, I also used my new safety razor, shaving bowl and badger hair brush, which puts In mind just how gentlemanly I felt at that moment!

The product itself is a thick lathering cream, which you can apply using your finger or a shaving brush, that aids getting a great and precise shave. Smelling strongly of coconut this is a clean and fresh base for your shave.

Directions of use are simply stated as:
Wash face, apply moderate amount by hand or brush, lather, shave, rinse and dry.

Using the shaving bowl I squeeze a generous amount (a 50p coin size) into it. Next I dampen a shave brush (badger hair is best), and frenzy the cream into a Lather. I can then cover the face with the resulting foam and knowing the more difficult areas to achieve a clean shave on my face, I can then reapply easily to these areas.

I love this product.

The coconut is fresh and cleansing, and coupled with the cream is the routine of the traditional shave which I think is a real treat at the weekend, to take time to groom.

In summary this is a traditional product for the modern man, which ultimately means that this is going to suit most people.


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