ThatIsBeyond…Menswear in blue #M&S

In a recent clear out of my excess clothing, I was surprised to discover that my previously bold choices of colour have begun to diminish before my very eyes! What hangs before me could possibly be described as a muted colour palette! That is not to say it’s boring, it’s just a lot of my favourite colour of the moment… Blue.

It’s very on trend and full of design, with royals, navies and brights creating a wide spectrum to play around with. I also think it fits my current vibe, work appropriate but playful enough for end of the week drinks. So this post is a little glimpse at what my favourite high street store M&S has to offer in the way of blue fashion for this spring. 
So without further ado, here are my Top 5!

Blue Harbour Suede Saddle Shoes £65
These bright blue saddle shoes are the ultimate in comfort and style, and will really put a spring in your step! The natural curve of the suede creates this rounder shape and really adds focus to the contrasting stitching along the upper. The tonal blue also creates depth and texture to the design. 
The detailing is simple and effective, making this a feature shoe of the season. There is a little nod to the nautical without it becoming a pastiche, all in all a classy piece of footwear that will see you through Spring & Summer and keep you looking sharp.

M&S Collection Long Sleeve Shirt £25
Again this shirt is a wearable style for all shapes and sizes which has become a synonymous feature of M&S menswear. I particularly like the lovely details that contribute to this shirt’s slimming effect. The feature of the navy blue along the button line elongates the torso, and the finish at the edge of the cuff line ensures a crisp stylish finish to the outfit and shows off the detailing even under a jacket or blazer.
The wider collar shape is very modern and turns a normally functional detail into a feature. This shirt transcends age and occupation, and will flatter all but the skinniest body types.

North Coast Mirror Palm Print Swim Shorts £19.50
Swimwear is always one of my favourite topics, because it means summer is here! And this nifty pair is no exception. Playing on the blue/green palette and cut to fit a longer board short style, these shorts can easily be paired with a plain vest to create a chic beach look. The design reminds me of “sound” in a print, and is a little different to most people’s expectations of M&S fashion. 
I love these shorts.

North Coast Mini Spotted Shirt £27.50
This short sleeve shirt is all about the details, taking a basic design and turning it into something really special.
The pattern that is created on the fabric itself adds further dimension to this summer staple, and the balance of the double pocket front, helps to break up the mass of blue in a subtle way. 
As always the fit of their menswear is exemplary and I love the detailing of the contrasting backing on the collar. This is a quality summer item that is fit for a beach holiday, and providing the fit of the collar is spot on, this is also great “under jacket” wedding wear.

M&S Collection Retro Sunglasses £19.50
The piece de resistance of my five top picks, is this pair of dual coloured sunglasses. The mirrored lenses are a novel addition to this Ray Ban inspired style of frame. 

These are fun and perfect for any casual summer look and are ultimately a stylish accessory. Accessorising is a skill of its own, but you can’t go wrong with this pair, they will turn the plainest of outfits into noticeable fashion.

These are a must buy for the warmer seasons. So get your hands on them now whilst they are still in stock!
Available in store and online HERE
What is apparent to me is that M&S really understand the breadth of the market and are able to cater for everyone, with on trend, flattering and well tailored designs. 

Blue might be in my wardrobe, but this spring/summer, I’m feeling anything but blue!


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