I hate queues. In fact hate isn’t a strong enough word… I detest them. The very nature of queues is that there is something that you want at the end of it, and you can’t get it until everyone else in front of you has faffed around with their small change, not spent the twenty minutes previously queueing to in anyway prepare, and/or just generally be annoying. Therefore it did not fill me with joy that my wife was desperate to take me for the “best burger in London” where I would need to queue for the pleasure!

Not being a foodie myself, it’s a hard task to get me to eat out, food allergies and a fussy disposition, make me quite difficult to please. And aside from those issues I simply refused to believe that any one burger could be that much better than any other! I accept that a rubbery highstreet fast food store will not have the quality of a “proper burger”, but could there really be that much difference between the real things?
Patty and Bun is a small restaurant off of a side street near Bond Street. It’s a quirky unique space that seats around 30 and is pumped full of classic 90’s tunes. Lowlit and atmospheric, the very nature of the set up means you are dining in close proximity to your neighbours and enjoying the hustle and bustle together. 

We went for a very late dinner, and cued 20-25 minutes, but my wife has been before and waited over an hour and a half (for that wait the food would have to be bloody good!). 
The most impressive item was the Rosemary fries with chicken salt. They were delicious. Creating a subtle depth of flavour that gets you whole pallet involved. The mixture of the herbs, the salt and the skin-on potato, was a feast on the tongue and best of all they were not too great at all. All in all a really tasty portion of fries!

Next the burger, The bun was of a really high quality, it was a glaze topped brioche which was full of flavour and texture! The meat was tender and well cooked to my liking (well done) and my wife’s was perfect to how she likes it (medium rare). The accompaniments to the burger do not interest me at all, but again the wife was in heaven with the smoky Robinson, and my plain burger with crispy bacon was tasty too.
I see why my darling girl loves it here, it’s homely and friendly (the staff were exceptional, and great at keeping the queues informed and entertained) and the food is of a really high quality. 
The tunes, the atmosphere and the service combined with tasty food creates a low key and relaxed dining experience. Would I go back? Absolutely. Would I queue for over an hour? I’d probably wait in the pub across the road! 

Patty and Bun can be found on James street, and for two of us to dine (with soft drinks) was around the £30 mark.
Me and the wife (and our cousin JD) are waiting to be convinced, if you think your burger beats the standard set by Patty and Bun, why not get in touch!

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